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More Games

Here are some more games kids around the world
are playing with their dogs!

This game is really fun for your dog. It teaches him/her how to
look for treats. You can play this with just you and your dog or some of your
other friends and their dogs. First, you sit in a circle with your friends.
Then you give one person the treat. Then you tell your dog "Find the treat".
The dog should sniff around and find the person with the treat and lick and
wrestle them till the treat is theirs. Clare, age 13, Auckland New Zealand

With Precious, I start bouncing the ball. She runs up and I throw it.
Sometimes I race with her trying to catch the ball, too. With Kiki, she usually
on this thing, but I always start running and she starts chasing me. She always
catches me. With Tameika, I give her a frisbee and let her chew it for a while.
Then I grab it and throw. Then she darts up to it like lightening. I'm still trying
to get her to bring it back. Stepanie, age 11, North Carolina USA

It is a lot like "play dead". I would point my finger like a gun
and say "BANG" then my sister's dog, Dominick, would roll over and play dead.
It is really fun. (Your dog has to know how to play dead first.)
Orlaine, age 11, California USA

The game we play is 'Bobbing for Ice Cubes'. On hot summer days,
when my dog comes in from running around and he's hot and thirsty, I
add 1 or 2 ice cubes in his bowl. Then he bobs for ice cubes just like I bob
for apples on Halloween! And when he takes his nose out, he shakes all the
water off and makes a BIG mess!!Avalon, age 7, Ontario Canada


I get a coat hanger, a piece of string, and an old sock.
(I tie everything together). I hang the coat hanger up somewhere high,
and move the string around - with the sock on it and my dog Lassie tries
to catch the sock. If she does, she gets a treat. Its really fun! :0)
Melissa, age 11, Georgia USA

I toss a ball up in the air and my dog catches it with her front paws.
Caitlin, age 11, Ohio USA

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The game I play with my dog is called "sockey." I get an old sock
and she'll tug it as I hold on tight. Whoever gets it first wins.
Jason, age 12, Ohio, USA

My puppy and I play a game called "Ahhhhhhhh! It's a puppy!"
He'll be lying there on the porch so I run around the yard flailing my arms
sreaming "ahhhhhhhhh! It's a puppy!" He'll chase me for about two minutes,
then I'll drop to the ground. He'll wrestle with me and lick me a lot.
It's really fun. Caity , age 11, Ohio USA

This is called the 'Roll Game'. Find a hill in your yard. Bring your
dog with you of course. Call your dog's name and say "bye bye". Then start
rolling down the hill. She will probably follow after you. But if she doesn't,
take a favorite toy and roll down with it. The object is to roll down the hill
with your dog following after you. Here is a little tip: If your dog is small,
don't roll over it. Kristehn, age 9, New Jersey

Me & my dog, like to play 'Find 'n' bark'. Start by finding a pal.
Let your pal hide.Then, ask your pal to call your dog. Hold your dog's leash
and let him lead. Once your dog has found your pal,your dog will BARK!!!!
Raelene, age 9, Malaysia

I guess you could call this game Tickle Teeth.

Me and my dog, Samantha, play the typical 'get the ball game' and then I lay
face down on the ground and pretend to ignore her. She then places the ball
on my back and presses to get me up. If I still don't get up, she grabs me
with her teeth to tickle me till I can't take it and I get up. She is a blast
like a person. She seems to have a sense of humor.
John, age 12, Florida USA

My 4 dogs, Chaos, Boomer, Egor, Dozer and I play leap frog.
We would lay down and we would jump over each other. My dogs also play
volleyball with a balloon and soccer. They control the ball with their snouts.
Andrea, age 11, Ontario Canada

When my dog and I are playing, we go swimming in my pool.
Rheane, age 14, Australia

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Doggie, Doggie, who's got your bone?
Take a bag of doggie biscuits your dog really likes. Take a few out and hide them
in a place that your dog can reach. Take your dog to one of the hiding spots and
encourage your dog to sniff out his treats. Time how long your dog takes to find it!
Avalon, age 7, Ontario, Canada

My dog Cody and I play Hide-and-Go-Seek. First I throw a
piece of cheese in the opposite direction I am going to hide and I take a
piece of cheese with me. Then when I am hiding, I will call out his name and
say,"Cody come find me!" Then he will run around looking for me. Then when
he finds me, he gets another small peice of cheese! Play it, it's FUN!
Angie, age 13, West Virginia USA

Me and my dog, Jake, we like racing. We walk up and down
the street for a little while, then race back home.It is GOOD exercise for my dog.
We also like playing with his bone. I will throw it far out in the yard and then
Jake will go catch it. Then, I chase him until I grab him and pull him toward me.
Then we just wrestle. Chris, age 11, Louisiana USA

Me and my dog play catch. It's very fun.Try it.
Jessie, age 16, Pennsylvania USA

Me and my dog play a game called "Follow the Snack Trail"
for his lunch, so he doesn't get too full for dinner. I get some dog biscuits
and make a trail of the dog biscuits starting from outside, then leading inside.
Then it leads to a room or cupboard. Then when he's close to eating the last one,
I jump out of the room and yell "raghhhhh". Then I chase him around the house.

I lay them (the biscuits) one metre apart, so when I chase him, he doesn't feel sick.
We play it three times a week and I always change where the trail leads
so he doesn't know I'm going to jump out and say "raghhhhhhhh".

Make sure when you are going to jump out and yell "raghhhhh", your dog
isn't eating so your dog doesn't choke. My dog loves this game cause his
two favourite things are playing and eating. Regean, age 14, Victoria/Australia

My dog and I go to the beach and I bring a large circle type
of surfboard. Then I throw it across the surf and my dog runs for it and
when he's close enough to it, he jumps on it. And then sometimes a wave comes,
he goes surfing to the shore, he always falls off before he gets to shore.
It's a hard game to play if your dog doesn't like water. My dog and I are
both getting the hang of the circle riding on the surf game. Leana, age 11, Australia

My dog and I enjoy lots of games, but I'll tell you one
of our favourites. I get one of his toys (a soft toy) and pretend it's a bomb
and my dog is the bad guy that takes the bomb somewhere to hide from the
good guy, me. Then I chase after him pretending I'm a good guy trying to get
the bomb (soft toy) from him and save the day. Then we run around chasing
each other until the soft toy has been discovered by the good guy.

Then we swap around. He is the good guy and I am the bad guy. We play for a
long time because we enjoy pretending and running. I think this game is for
all types of dogs and all types of children of nearly all ages, if they like
pretending. I'd love to share our other games with you, but my dog and I have
to play our favourite games. Alison, age 13, Brisbane/Queensland/Australia

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The game I like playing best with my dogs is 'chase the bowl'.
Our big dog has a stainless steel food bowl that she eats out of, but she also
uses it as a toy. I'll chase her around our table so that she runs completely
around it, then I'll flip the bowl on its rim so that it slides like a puck,
and she will go crazy and attack it. After a couple of months of doing this,
the bowl is covered with dents of all sizes. My little dog attacks the big dog
during this. It is best to do it with a big dog and your dog might not even do it.
And make sure you have your mom's permission to do this before you do it.
Courtney, age 14, Oregon USA

I love to play hide-and-seek with my dog. I hide his bone and
tell him to go find it. He is sooo good, he ALWAYS finds it. Then he will hide it
for me. I never seem to be able to find it. Then, after our playing is over,
me and Runa (the dog), share a bag of cheese. We both LOVE cheese.
Clarise, age 12, Stockholm, Sweden

First I get my dogs really excited like taking him for a walk
or chasing him around the house. Then I make him sit next to where I stand,
then get a soft toy like his blue bunny, and throw it across the backyard.
then it's a race for him or me to get it first and then slide in. I usually let him
get it and then make him feel good like pat him and say, "what a fast boy you are"
and "oh, you got it again". Even though my dog's little, I think this is a
fun game for dogs of all sizes. Lee, age 13, Queensland, Australia

I throw mini-bones all over the yard and my dog goes after them.
Also I tell him to sit and I throw treats for him to catch. He loves the treats
and likes to run around in circles. It is hard to play other games with him
because he is so big. Nelson, age 8, Illinois USA

We play hide and seek with our two dogs, a golden retriever and
a cocker spaniel, in a field of alfalfa.The grass and alfalfa get really high and
I hide in it while my mom holds them where they can't see me.Then she
tells them to find me and they run and jump all over in the field until
they find me. Many times they jump right on top of me to find me.
It's great fun. Keri, age 8, Nebraska, USA


I like to hide from my little dog and when he comes by, I jump out and
scare him and then he chases me around in the house until I go hide again.
Whitney, age 6, Arkansas USA

Me and my dogs like to play a game where the dogs are the bad guys
and the people are trying to catch them. They will run from us and then if we
can catch them, they start to wrestle with us. Then we pin our dogs to the ground
and start to tickle them. They love it! We often play that game, but it is
most definitely an outside game. Have fun playing our game!
Courtney, age 16, Texas USA

A big Thank You! to Jemma, age 10,
from South Africa, for sending us the idea for this page.



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