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This Collie is eating healthy dog food.

Food For Your Dog

Pet Food Recall Information

You can buy food made especially for dogs at the grocery or pet store. It has special vitamins and nutrients that dogs need. Your veterinarian can recommend some good brands.

You can also ask the breeder or previous owner what they were feeding your new dog. Ask them how much they were feeding and how often. Later you can change the food if you want to.

 dog bones

If you and your parents decide to change the food, it's best to do it a little at a time, over a couple of weeks. It will be easier on your dog's tummy. Just add a little of the new food into the bowl of the food your dog has been eating. A couple of days later, add a little more and continue this until there is more new food than old and soon you can stop feeding the first food.


Dog Bowls  

There are different kinds of bowls you can buy for your dog. The best kinds of bowls are made of stainless steel or ceramic (like glass).

Stainless steel dishes are safe and clean for your dog.
ceramic dog dishes are clean and safe for your dog.

Stainless steel and glass bowls are easy to clean thoroughly and your dog won't be able to chew them. They will last much longer than a plastic bowl will.

Plastic bowls are not the best kind of bowls. Plastic is harder to clean and it can hold onto germs that may get into your dog's food and make him sick. Plastic bowls are also easily chewed by dogs who want to play with the bowl.

Give your dog his food in a clean bowl. Food tastes better when it comes from a bowl that has been washed out everyday. If the bowl is clean, your dog will not get sick from germs in dirty dishes.


How Often Do Dogs Eat?

Young puppies usually get their meals three or four times a day. Puppies need that much food to grow up healthy. Most experts think that a pup under twelve weeks of age should be fed four times a day. If your pup is between three and six months of age, then three times a day is good.

Many people feed their adult dogs one time each day. But experts have found that by dividing that meal into two separate meals, one in the morning and one in the evening, your dog won't get so full and will feel better to run and play. He will also enjoy eating two times instead of one.


animated dog

dog bones

  cute pup For Healthy Dogs

People food does not have the vitamins and minerals that dogs need. Some foods made for people can give your dog diarrhea because it has more fat than dogs can handle. It's always best to feed your dog food and treats that are made for dogs.


  cute pup For Well-Behaved Dogs

If you feed your dog from the dinner table, he will learn to beg and bother everyone during the meal. Your family will be very impressed when your dog lays down quietly while you eat your meal.

Puppy grabbing at food!
This dog has no manners.


 cute dogSome foods and treats can be harmful to your pet. Chocolate can be dangerous. A small amount can make dogs sick. A large amount can cause death. Onions, Grapes, Raisins, Avocado pits, and Caffeine have also been found to cause serious illness in many dogs.

Cow hooves are unsafe because they have sharp edges. 

 cute dog Treats made especially for dogs are good to feed them, but too many will spoil their appetite for the balanced meal they need. Rawhide can be safe if you sit with your dog while he chews it. Sometimes the pieces get soft and bend and they can get stuck in the dog's throat. If you supervise your dog when he chews rawhide, this shouldn't happen.


Chicken or steak bones leftover from dinner can choke your dog or break and cause damage to the inside of her body. Visit your favorite pet store to find special bones that are safe for your dog to chew. 



A Note Regarding Pet Food Recalls

If you hear that dog or cat food and treats have been 'recalled', it means that there is something wrong with the food and you shouldn't feed it to your pets because it will make them very sick. To find out what you can and cannot feed them, you or your parents can call your veterinarian or check this website for more information (updated). Back to top




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