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Exercise, Be Healthy, and Have Fun!


Exercise doesn't have to be difficult. You don't have to pay for it. And doing it will make you feel really, really good.

Exercise is good for you and your dog. It will help keep your dog's heart, lungs, and muscles strong and healthy so he lives longer. And we all want our dogs to live longer.


Use toys for all kinds of running and catching games. You want your dog to run and stretch his legs out. You can run with him if you like! Watch your dog when he's running - is he smiling?

Most dogs love toys!

Tennis ball.  kong toy with ropekong toyrope toy


Walking is a simple exercise and good for both of you. It's even good for your family and the neighbors. Why? First, because it gets you out of the house and gives your parents a break. Second, the neighbors will have a chance to visit with you and your dog and say "Hello". You might even meet a new friend while traveling the neighborhood.

 Most kids like to play ®Frisbee, but your dog has to learn how to catch it. If he can't (lots of dogs can't catch a ®Frisbee), don't worry, there are lots of other games to play with your dog. Check out these ideas that kids have sent to us: Games to Play!


Do you have someplace to swim? Swimming is a wonderful exercise for you and your dog. Swimming is very good for every part of your dog's body. Remember, never swim alone!
Swim with your dog!


So now you know a little about exercise. Try to think about different things you can do with your dog. There are many more fun activities. Here are some links to more exercise ideas:


Read about fun things to do with your dog!
Totally Fun Things to Do With Your Dog
Totally Fun Things to Do With Your Dog (Play With Your Pet) by Maxine A. Rock, 1998
Here's a book that gives ideas and step-by-step instructions for dozens of fun and safe games and activities to do with your dog: from playing basketball, Frisbee, and hide and seek, to jumping through hoops, taking photographs, creating unusual dog houses, and throwing dog theme parties. Written for kids ages 9-12
Kids + Dogs = Fun
Kids + Dogs = Fun (Great Activities Your Kids and Dogs Can Do Together), by Jacqueline O'Neil, Howell Book House 1996
This is a good book for kids interested in dog-related activities. There are two questionnaires that help evaluate children's interests. Discussed are 13 activities, including 4-H, the AKC Canine Good Citizen program, raising puppies to be service dogs, hunting tests, and more. Lots of photos.


Exercise, Be Healthy, and Have Fun!


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