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Six-month-old Bonnie is playing at a dog park.
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Dog parks are fenced-in places, especially for dogs, where they can run without a leash. Usually there are lots of other dogs running around, too. All the owners are there watching their dogs, making sure that they play nicely. Since Bonnie is our only dog, I wanted her to have an opportunity to run and play with other dogs.

It's important that dogs and their owners follow the rules at dog parks. It wouldn't be safe for dogs to just run wild and for their owners to not keep an eye on them.

Here are a few more rules that are important to follow at a dog park:
1. Always clean up after your dog. If you keep an eye on your dog, you will see when he poops. Use plastic bags to clean it up. Many dog parks provide bags.
2. Keep your dog leashed until he gets into the fenced area. Then take it off. Don't let him run loose before you get there.
3. Bring no more than two or three dogs to the park. It might get hard to watch them carefully if there are more than two.
4. If your dog is playing too rough, put his leash on and take him out of the park. Be respectful of all the dogs there by making sure that your dog plays nicely.
5. Only bring dogs that have had all of their vaccinations. They should be over four months of age.
6. Only bring spayed or neutered dogs to a dog park. If your dog is a puppy and hasn't been spayed or neutered, make sure that your female is not in season.

For lots more information about dog parks, check out DogPark.com.


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