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Kids love Dachshunds.


Dachshunds are hound dogs. They were originally much larger than they are today, and were bred to hunt badgers in Germany. Later, smaller sizes were bred so the dogs could hunt smaller animals, like foxes, rabbits, and weasels.
These days Dachshunds can do many different activities. They are good companions and participate in obedience, agility, conformation, go-to-ground (earthdog competitions), canine freestyle, and tracking.

Black and Tan doxie.
Dachshunds come in two sizes. The standard size usually weighs between 16 and 32 pounds. The miniature Dachshund weighs 11 pounds or under.
Both the standard and miniature Dachshund come in three varieties of coat: the Smooth, the Wirehaired, and the Longhaired. And these dogs come in many different colors! Here are some of them: red, black and tan, cream, chocolate and tan, gray(blue), and dapple (a mixture).
 Long-hair Dachshund


All Dachshunds like to have fun.

Depending on which Dachshund you have, some will need more grooming than others. The Smooth will be easier to brush and bathe. The Longhaired will need brushing more often, and the Wirehaired may need some trimming that could be done by a professional groomer.


Dachshunds are playful, curious, and bold. They like older, considerate children who respect their dog's space and privacy. A Dachshund can make a good best friend.
Dachshunds like children who treat them with respect.
Kids love Dachshunds.

Dachshunds are friendly and like to be involved with whatever you're doing. They are clever and brave.


Like any small dog, the people in a Dachshund's life must treat him carefully and gently. Rough play with a puppy or a Miniature Dachshund can be harmful.

Red Doxie puppy is ready for bed.

Spend lots of time with your new pup from an early age so he is comfortable with you. Roll him over, touch his feet, look at his teeth, and brush him gently. This will help him get used to being handled and he will be a better companion when he is older.


Dachshunds lying on a couch in the house.
Dachshunds don't need a lot of exercise,
but they should not lay around the house all day long.


Dachshunds need exercise.

A Dachshund would love a long walk once or twice a day. It's very healthy for him to get out and move his muscles. Even if you have a yard, it's important to go for long walks. Exercise will keep your dog's heart strong so that he lives for a long time.


Dachshunds enjoy hide and seek, fetch, games and other activities like swimming, agility, tracking, obedience, conformation, and earthdog competitions. Some even dance in what we call Canine Freestyle!

Doxies can swim!


Dogs enjoy going to dog parks!

Going to a dog park, the beach, a mall, or to a friend's house is a great way to visit other dogs, and meet new people. This is called socializing and it helps your dog become a good citizen.


Know Your Breed

Since Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers, foxes, weasels, and rabbits, they can be good diggers. Some Dachshunds may have a lot of instinct (they're born with it) to dig holes. So don't be surprised if your new puppy digs up your yard or your mothers's garden!

Dachshunds like to dig!
Dachshunds can have a lot of fun digging holes.

Dachshunds are lively dogs who enjoy barking. They think it's important to watch out for strangers and things that look and sound different. A Dachshund may need extra training so that he doesn't bark too much.


Once in a while, Dachshunds can be a little stubborn. They can act like a big dog in a small body. Starting obedience at an early age will help him become a good citizen and help him to have good manners.


Your Dachshund may be a little difficult to housebreak. But if you are kind, patient, and persistent, your dog will learn.

Dachshunds make good companions.


This Dachshund would like his own dog bed!

Because Dachshunds are small, they make great dogs for condos and apartments. They like to live in the city or the country.


Dachshunds may be small, but they are very long! This is because their spine, or backbone, is very long. Sometimes a Dachshund can develop serious back problems, especially if they are overweight. Help your dog have a healthy back by making sure he doesn't weigh too much. You may have to watch his diet and avoid too many snacks.

Remember that you will be making a commitment to take care of your dog for his whole lifetime. Dachshunds have a long life span, longer than a lot of dogs. A Dachshund can easily live to be 15 years and even as old as 17 years or more! That's a good thing! Adorable Dachshund puppy.


The word Dachshund comes from the German word ‘dachs’ which means badger, and the word ‘hund’ which means dog. So, the word Dachshund means 'a badger-hunting dog'.
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 All About

(from their kids!)

Kids and Dachshunds go together!

"Dachshunds are ideal dogs for small children, as they are already stretched
and pulled to such a length that the child cannot do much harm one way or the other."
- Robert Benchly

I have two wonderful dogs. They are Dachshunds. Their names are Tanner and Fritz. Fritz is about one year old and Tanner is about eight months old. They are both really great dogs. They are brothers, but they don't look alike. Everyone says their dogs are the best. I think everyone's dog is different in some way. Michelle, Age 11, Texas USA

My dog dog is a Dachshund. His former owner hurt him very badly. Anyway my Aunt said that she wanted him and so she got him. When I went to see him, my mom talked to my Aunt and said I could have him. I remember when I got him I was six and he was jumping and licking everything! I loved him from the moment I saw him. I like the way when I come home from school he greets me at the door barking and licking! My dog is a wonderful dog! Larissa, Age 11, Missouri USA

I have two dogs. One of them lives in Albuquerque with my dad and it is a long-haired Miniature Dachshund named Koko. He is very lovable and he LOVES attention! Koko is almost 10 years old. If you want to hear a funny story then read on.... When Koko and I were just babies, I accidentally dropped him on his head and just between you and I, I think that is why he is not as
lovable to me as to my dad! Ashley, Age 11, Texas USA

My dog, Shannon's favorite chew toy are people's fingers. She is very smart. She likes getting her belly rubbed. She is a black and tan Dachshund. We don't feed her table scraps, so she is very healthy. She loves being kissed, but don't kiss her on the lips because she eats cat poop. Brian, Age 11, California USA
My dog's name is Heidi. She is a Dachshund. Her favourite game is ball. Heidi's best friend is Max. When she gets in trouble she puts her tail down and her head in the middle of her legs. Heidi is ten months old. Erika, Age 9, Ontario Canada

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My name is Herbie I'm a 6 month old mini Dachshund. I'm a very happy pup although mommy and daddy get mad at some things I do, I'm always there when they need me the most. I will always love them unconditionally. Forever. Herbie, 6 months, Indianapolis, Indiana
One day I was down cause we just lost our soccer game. So I had a friend over and we just got home from soccer. I said I am going to check the messages. So I checked the messages. There was a message from a girl from an animal shelter. We were looking at a dog there - a Dachshund. This lady said that this dog was ours! So we went and picked her up. When I saw her, it broke my heart. She was so skinny down to the bone, when I saw her I cried. She was so skinny. She has a buddy and whenever she goes to see her Missy, my other dog just snapped at her. Gidgit wants to play with Missy. So I hope Gidget grows fatter and Missy likes her in the future. Love, Holly Holly, Age 11, USA
I love Wuzzy because he makes such funny noises in the morning. When he was a tiny puppy, I held him and sang him a lullaby and he fell asleep. I like to take walks with Wuzzy because I like to give him exercise. I think Wuzzy is really special because he was the runt of the litter and he stood out a lot, because he was left out at night so he wasn't warm, and because he was the only blonde dog in the litter. Wuzzy has two friends named Taz and Riley - they're both Dachshunds. Wuzzy is 14 years old in dog years. When he's excited he wiggles his whole bottom instead of just his tail. He looks like he's smiling and is so excited he drools on the carpet! Avery, Age 9, Texas USA
Well I have 2 dogs. Yes! Two very loving dogs. I have a shepherd mix, which looks like a German Shepherd, but it's medium size, so there is something to make her a little smaller than usual. Her name is Sheeba. Then I have a Dachshund. She is black with brown feet, brown bottom, and a brown spot under her chin. Her name is Lyla. We're going to let her have 1 litter of puppies. Then were going to keep 1 of her puppies, then get her spayed. Both Sheeba and Lyla love each other a lot and play every single day. Except Lyla thinks she is the boss in the house when she knows that Sheeba is. She also annoys a Sheeba a lot, and she messes up my room, but I still love her very much. I love them both equally. Kaitlynn, Age 13, New Jersey USA
Hi my name is Caitlin. I love my Dachshund, Caramel. She's three months old and when she gets older I'm going to put her in agility. Caitlin, Age 12, Texas USA
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I Love my dog, Toby (Dachshund). He loves it when I give him his water. He's a good pet. If I had to vote 'best dog', it would be Toby. I like it when he kisses me on the cheek. Sheena, Age 10,
North Carolina USA
I know you will laugh, but please don't because my dog, Barney (Dachshund), is so special to me. I love my dog, but now he is die but why did he have to die one week before Christmas. (I do not no what I would do with out him). Myka, Age 12, Oklahoma USA
My dog, Mindy (Miniature Dachshund), is a wonderful dog. When you say, "Let's go bye-bye," she gets wild. I love Mindy. She is black and tan. She is a good dog. Kayla, Age 12, West Virginia USA
I have a little dog named Fritz (Dachshund). He is very nice and I love to play tug-of-war with him. Fritz is a year and four months old. Michelle, Age 10, Texas USA
Hi my name is Caitlin. I love my Dachshund, Caramel. She's three months old and when she gets older I'm going to put her in agility. Caitlin, Age 12, Texas USA

There are many Dachshunds around the country without homes. Have your parents call a Dachshund rescue to adopt a warm, loving Dachshunds just waiting for a home. You'll be doing a good thing.

Check here for a rescue organization in your city.

This Dachshund needs a home!


Rusty's Ridiculous Riddles!

Why did the cowboy buy a Dachshund?
He wanted to get a long little doggie.


Cream longhair miniatureDachshund

Do you want to know more about Dachshunds? Click on a link below. When you're finished, just close the window and you'll be right back here!

The Dachshund Club of America, Inc


Watch this 12 year old Miniature Dachshund try agility for the first time! Click here!

Get to know  Dachshunds better!


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Here are some good books about Dachshunds
or visit our Dachshund Shop.


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