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The kids listed on this page have signed the I Love My Dog Contract.

 Print your contract. Sign it. Look at the activity below.

Congratulations to these responsible dog owners!

Blue pawAaron, age 9, Colorado USA, German Shepherd Dog, Saska
Blue pawChris, age 7, Minnesota USA, Roli.
Blue pawSonya, age 10, Florida USA, Shih Tzu, Roxy
Blue pawDaniel, age 8, Florida USA, Shih Tzu, Roxy
Blue pawElysa, age 5, Florida USA, Shih Tzu, Roxy
Blue pawBrian, age 13, California USA, Sheltie, Dakota
Blue pawMarisa, age 9, New Jersey USA, Poodle, Lucy

Blue pawLaura, age 13, Edinburgh Scotland, Labrador Retriever, Andrex
Blue pawAngelica, age 13, New York USA, Negiter
Blue pawRhea, age 17, New York USA, Aminah
Blue pawBrittany, age 13, Georgia USA, Yorkie & Mutt, Sandy & Pepper
Blue pawBecca, age 14, Vermont USA, Australian Shepherd, Collie Mix, Zack & Puppy

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Jennifer, age 14, USA, Golden Retriever, Prince
Lori, age 13, Pennsylvania USA, Labrador Retriever & Labrador/Shepherd, Sammy & Max
Caitlin, age 13, Missouri USA, Shetland Sheepdog, Brinkli
Jessica, age 13, California USA, Chihuahua, Chica
Anne, age 13, Indiana USA, Labrador Retriever, Cosmo

Nicole, age 9, Herring Cove NS Canada, Toy Poodle, Kero
Justine, age 13, New York USA, Pit Bull/ German Shepherd, Cozmo
Sharlyn, age 13, California USA, Toy Poodle,Pixie
Tiffany, age 13, New York USA, Labrador Retriever, Midnight
Shayna, age 14, Regina Border Collie,Schipperke Mix, Sheltie Mix, & Shortie Jack, Happy/Ripley/Shadow/And Perky

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Jane, age 13, Bangkok, Thailand, Poodle, Mezzy
Karin, age 14, Prince George,Canada, Rottweiler, Simba
Katrina, age 16, Florida USA, German Shepherd, Aura(Oru)
Charley, age 14, Collies, Gemma and Holly
Amanda, age 10, USA, Shih Tzu, Mickey

Ashley, age 13, Springer Spaniel, Jasper
Sarah, age 13, New York USA, Labrador Retriever, Dakota
Samantha, age 17 N. Ireland, UK, Siberian Husky, Kirby
Nicolle, age 13, Florida USA, Mutts, Heidie & Maxine
Connor, age 7, Ontario, Canada, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Riley

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Garrett, age 5, Ontario, Canada, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Riley
Mairead, age 3, Ontario, Canada, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Riley
Emily, age 15, Kentucky USA, Shih-Tzu, Cleo
Jodie, age 13, Dalmatian, Spencer
Michelle, age 16, Montana USA, German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever, Molly

Cassie, age 17, Tasmania, German Shepherd, Russy
Johnny & Brittany, age 16 & !5, Minnesota USA, Pomeranian, Ebony
Jackie, age 13, Kansas USA, German Shepherd mix, Sandy
Minelia, age 9, New Jersey USA, Bulldog, Rockie
Wesley, age 13, Ontario Canada, Cocker Spaniel, Reggie

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Billy, age 16, Boxer, Sheba
Michael, age 13, Georgia USA, Mastiff & Mastiff/Labrador Retriever, Jessebelle & Mork
Rekkha, age 14, Singapore, Jack Russel Terrier, Milo
Sonia Jean, age 18, Canada, Siberian, Menyon
Isabela, age 18, Florida USA, Chicky

Olympia, age 13, New Jersey USA, 3 Mixed Breeds & Border Collie, Bessie, Max, Hercules, Buddy.
Fran, age 13, Georgia USA, Peeka-Poo C.J
Chantel, age 13, Arizona USA, Blue Red Tick Hound Walker, Tick
Melissa, age 14, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Labrador/Rottweiler, Spunky
Wayann, age 15, Pennsylvania USA, Labrador Retriever Mix, Shadow

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Melissa, age 13, New York USA, Chihuahua, Panchi
Lindsey, age 9, Pennsylvania USA, Labrador Retriever, Piper
Steven, age 9, England, Jack Russell Cross, Charlie
Rebecca, age 9, Northern Ireland, Border Collie, Randy
Brittany, age 13, Louisiana USA, Puli/Terrier, Boxer, Carky And Lucky

Katie, age 13, California USA, German Shepherd, Sirrius
Nadya, age 14, California USA, Lhasa Apso, Skipper
Matt & Andrew, ages 10 & 6, Louisiana USA, Dachshund, Angel
Sarah, age 13, NSW Australia, Border Collie, Stumpy
Christina, age 13, BC Canada, Chihuahua/Toy Poodle, Biscotti ('Scotti)

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Kristen, age 15, Mississippi USA, Chihuahua/Pomeranian, Prince
Heather, age 17, Texas USA, Mixed Breed, Angel
Nicky, age 15, Oklahoma USA, Mutt, Suzy Q
Brandy, age 16, Arkansas USA, Basset Hound, Mutley
Neela, age 13, Ontario Canada, Golden Retriever, Neela

Mayra age 17, California USA, French Poodle, Camee And Fluffy
Natalie, age 6. Maryland USA, Labrador Mix, Max
Jessica, age 13, New Mexico USA, English Bulldog, Bandit
Noelle, age 13, Michigan USA, Rat Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Bichon Frise, Cocoa & Maxie & Maurice
Bryan, age 16, Michigan USA, German Shepherd, Harley

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Amber, age 13, England, Labrador Retriever, Mocha
Lily, age 13, Michigan USA, Schnauzer. Muffy Cookie
Ayeen, age 13, Philippines, Dalmatian, Nuggets
Samantha, age 18, Kentucky USA, Chow Chow, Harry
Sascha, age 14, USA, Labrador Retriever, Misty

Mark, age 13, New York USA, Labrador Retriever, Yukon
Anna, age 11, Colorado USA, Mixed Breed, Rupert
Cody, age 6, North Carolina USA, Chihuahua, Kirby
Jara, age 8, Manitoba Canada, Boxer, Joe Boxer
Katie, age 15, Texas USA, Beagle, Spike

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Nick, age 13, California USA, Scottish Terrier, Scotty
Cierra, age 13, Ohio USA, Black Labrador Retriever, Chloe
Coty, age 13, Michigan USA, Rottweiler, Dare
Steven, age 13, Florida USA, Golden Retriever, Sandy
Skye, age 17, California USA, Golden Retriever, Max

Jessica, age 14, Florida Beagle, P.J. and Dayzee
Ashley, age 5, PA Westie, Bailey
Amanda, age 13, Tennessee USA, Chihuahua, Cookie
Nikita, age 11, Ontario Canada, Golden Retriever, Hunter
Kristeen, age 13, California USA, German Shepherd, Lucy

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Katie, age 7, Tennessee USA, Labrador Retriever, Scooby
Raquel, age 13, Florida USA, Poodle, Pomeranian, Labrador Retrievers, Fluffy, Oliver, Casey, Pupi
Lavania, age 15, Singapore, Shih Tzu, Sylvester
Kate, age 16, New York USA, Springer Spaniel, Magee
Natalie, age 13, Florida USA, Rat Terrier, Didi

Ally, age 12, Wyoming USA, Miniature Pinschers, Brittany and Tiffany
Nikita, age 11, Ontario Canada, Golden Retrievers, Hunter and Rover
Angela, age 1, Missouri USA, Labrador/Shepherd Mix, Denver
Steph, age 11, Ohio USA, Mixed Breed, Max
age 11, California USA, Pit Bull Terrier, Money

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age 12, Ontario, Canada, Labrador Retriever, Hillary
age 12, Virginia, Pit Bull, Kaios
age 2, Norwich Ontario Canada, Beagle, Frederick
age 14, Texas USA, Mix, Rascal and Vega
age 11, Texas, Shih Tzu, Precious

age 16, Maryland USA, Chihuahua , Gus
age 14, USA, Poodle/Maltese, Guggi
Kristina, a
ge 13, Canada, Labrador Retriever, Lucky
age 14, Yorkshire Terrier, Davie
age 14, California USA, Shih Tzu, Shaggy

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, age 10, South Carolina USA, Labrador Retriever, Cotton
, age 13, Texas USA, Mixed Breed, Cleo
Anne, age 10, Florida USA , Golden Retriever, Sophie/Paco
Kaycee, age 13, Washington USA, Labrador/Golden Retriever, Cassie
Derrick, age 8, Pennsylvania USA, Labrador Retriever/Husky, Taz

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Brandi, age 11, Pennsylvania USA, Akita Husky Mix, Kyra
Cayce, age 18, Indiana USA, Australian Mix, Pookie
Tyler, age 7, New Jersey USA, Sheepdog, Daisy
Andrea, age 13, Washington, Poodle, Nickey
Jessica, age 12, Yorkshire/United Kingdom, Staffordshire/Terrier, Sam

Kristina, age 13, Brockville/Canada, Labrador Retriever, Daisy Mea
Alec, age 10, Iowa, Shetland Sheepdog, Clara
Cassanddra, age 14, New Jersey USA, German Shepherd, Capone
Melissa, age 13, Tennessee USA, Terrier, Angel
Kristina, age 13, Lab Shepherd, Sammy

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Madisen, age 13, Alberta Canada, Bichon Frise, Puddles
Sophie, age 14, Texas USA
Dilliana, age 13, Virginia USA, Bichon Frise, Junior
Melissa, age 13, Tennessee USA, Terrier, Angel
Emma, age 13, Bundaberg, Border Collie, Jack

Laura, age 13, Wisconsin USA, Rat Terrier/Basset Hound, Bootsie and Lucy
Kelsi, age 15, Washington USA, Basset Hound, Gizmo
Candis, age 18, Utah USA, Maltese & Pekingese & Chihuahua, Toughie, Gabriel, Gwenivere
Michelle, age 13, Connecticut, Miniature Schnauzer, Nikki
Ashley, age 13, Mississippi USA, Pomeranian, Sugar

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Dawson, age 2, South Carolina USA, Collie, Pepper
Hannah, age 14, Cannock Staffs U.K, Border Collie Mix, Cassie
Maizie, age 4, California USA, Bull Terrier, Meatball, Dottie, Luke
Travis, age 9, Michigan USA, Golden Retriever, Sadie
Tiffany, age 13, Cocker Spaniel/Pug, Bear

Dan, age 18, London, Kentucky USA, Chow/Labrador Retriever, Sienna
Carmen, age 13, Scotland, Bulldog, Deisil
Melissa, age 13, New Hampshire USA, Golden Retrievers, Sammy and Kelly
Hannah, age 13, Texas USA, Mix, Harry
Chelsea, age 15, Iowa USA, Dachshund, Kerry

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Richie, age 18, Alabama USA, Toy Poodle, Timmie
Brie, age 8, Michigan USA, Beagle Mix, Ginger
Scarlett, age 14, Kansas USA, Labrador Mixed, Sceeter
Stacey, age 13, Auckland, New Zealand, Golden Retriever, Beethoven
Jamie, age 13, Maine USA, Dachshund, Max

Jean - MYn, age 13, Selangor Malaysia, Miniature Pinscher, Cherry Blossom
Christon, age 18, South Carolina USA, Pomeranian, Duncan
Brittanie, age 14, Pennsylvania USA, Border Collie, Jake
Bianca, age 8, Christchurch New Zealand, Boxer, Macar
Stefanie, age 13, Illinois USA, Golden Retriever, Barkley

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Joyce, age 17, Singapore, Maltese, Candy
Marshall, age 14, Ontario Canada, German Shepherd, Chevy
Jennifer, age 13, Florida USA, Chihuahua, Tico
Anita, age 13, Cortez, Colorado USA, Dalmatian/Beagle, Floppy
Vanessa, age 15, Singapore, Pug, Happy

Neha, age 14, New Delhi, India, Labrador Retriever, Panther
Darlene, age 13, New York USA, Dalmatian & Rat Terrier, Pongo & Meli
Alex, age 13, Sydney/Nsw/Australia, Beagle, Danny
April, age 13, Michigan USA, Rottweiler Mix, Princess
Courtney, age 14, North Carolina USA, Black Lab, Spunky

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Brittany, age 14, Ontario Canada, Spitz, Shylow
Lindsey, age 14, Connecticut USA, Cock-a-poo, Murphy
Ilana, age 13, Cock-a-poo, Reese
Jaimee, age 4, South Carolina USA, Golden Retriever Mix, Chucky
Mickey, age 14, South Carolina USA,. Chowaw, Tocko

Laura, age 10, Victoria, Australia, Australian Kelpie/Greyhound, Barney
Elizabeth, age 13, Crewe, Cheshire, England, Labrador, Honey
Brooke, age 12, Michigan USA, Pekingese, Sophie
Chelsea, age 13, Ontario Canada, Golden Retriever, Deuce
Leanne, age 13, Sydney Australia, Maltese/Shih Tzu, Fluffy

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Raina, age 13, Delaware Shetland Sheepdog, Ollie
Heather, age 9, Indiana USA, Labrador Retriever, Tommytwo
Stephanie, age 8, Utah USA, Labrador Retriever, Ginger May
Alissa, age 14, Connecticut USA, Bichon Frise, Max & mutt, Molly & Dachshund, Sylvester
Sara, age 8, Wisconsin USA, Border Collie mix, Molly

Tony, age 5, Florida USA, German Shepherd/Wolf, Dutchess
Shantie, age 15, Ontario Canada, Labrador Retriever, Pepper
Lisa, age 10, California USA, dog/wolf, Beethoven
Cassandra, age 15, Ontario/Canada, Australian Shepherd & Chihuahua, Jack & Belle
Ashley, age 11, Oklahoma USA, Shih Tzu, Bear

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Sameera, age 10, Kuwait, Chihuahua, Spicy
Christina, age 14, Ontario Canada, St. Bernard, Beethoven
Zoey, age 13, Brisbane Australia , Mixed Breeds, Jelly, Kramer, Viv, Lukey, Muddy, Titty
Nilmini, age 14, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, German Shepherd, Buster
Amanda, age 14, Massachusetts USA, Golden Retriever, Sammy

Brandon, age 13, Manitoba, Border Terrier/Maltese, Poodle/Bichon, Spyro And Maggie
Stephanie, age 13, Saskatchewan Canada, Golden Retriever, Athens
Amber, age 13, Tennessee USA, Shetland Sheepdog & Dachshund/Pekingese, Sax & Hattie
Shaneka, age 16, Virginia USA, Old English Bulldog, Cinnamon
Crystal, age 15, Minnesota USA, Mixed Breed, Sara

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Stephy, age 13, Saskatchewan Canada, Pomeranian, Einstien
Shannon, age 13, Ontario Canada, Shih-Tzu, Patches
Yuki, age 14, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Pekingese, Lucky, Candy, AudreyIce
Jheigh, age 13, Philippines, Doberman Pinscher
Mary Ellen, age 10, Maryland USA, Cocker Spaniel/Poodle, Bruno

Ashley, age 13, Colorado USA, Chow/Labrador, Taffy
Samantha, age 13, Texas, Boxer, June
Brittany, age 13, Nevada USA, Mixed Breed, Titan
Coralee, age 17, Saskatchewan Canada, Mixed Breed, Barkley
Syd, age 13, Daton Ohio, Retriever, Rex


Pami, age 12, Florida, USA, Shih Tzu, Twinkie
Levi, age 13, Max
Trisha, age 15, Alberta Canada, Pomeranians & Mixed Breed, Benta, Baily, Frisko, and Dude

Rebekah, age 13, Florida USA, Beagle, Crystal
Lorah, age 13, New Jersey USA, Chow Chows, Biji,Ally,and Teddy
Elli, age 13, Canada, Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever, Comet and Bullet
Anonymous, age 13, Chihuahua, Prairie
Mindi, age 13, New Jersey USA, Bichon Frise, Lucky

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Gena, age 14, Florida USA, Beagle/Terrier Mix, Baruchel Weelz Geovonie
Abby, age 13, Texas, Cocker Spaniel, Daisy
Sara, age 14, Maryland USA, Mixed Breed, Max
Ashley, age 15, Maryland USA, Mixed Breed, Samson
Melinda, age 16, Wisconsin USA, Mixed Breed, Cookie Monster

Madonna, age 13, Missouri USA, Poodle, Andy
Nicole, age 11, Ontario Canada, Dalmatian, Dally
Gemma, age 14, Christchurch, New Zealand, Labrador, Princess
Becky, age 13, British Columbia, Canada, Shiba Inu, Sophie
Ariana, age 7, New York USA, 2 Pomeranians and Mixed Breed, Shelby, Chestnut, and Blue

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Crystal, age 13, Missouri USA, Mixed Breeds, Balto, Diablo & Bunni
Kindal, age 12, Nebraska USA, Collie Mix, Ralph
Candy, age 16, Argentina, Labrador Retriever, Sacha
Colleen, age 14, Louisiana USA, Boxer, Samantha
Arno, age 12, South Africa, Labrador, Genghis

Casey, age 11, Oregon USA, Labrador Retriever, Shelby
Kimmie, age 14, Florida USA, Doberman Pinscher, Rusty
Britney, Age 16, Pennsylvania USA, Rottweiler, Doberman, & Mutt, Maddie, Kia, & Rebal
Bindy-Lee, Age 14, N.S.W Australia, Australian Cattle Dog, Cliff
Christine, age 13, Cairn Terrier, Haley

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Erica, Age 16, New Jersey USA, Boston Terrier, Columbus
Danielle, age 15, Iowa USA, Austrlian Cattle Dog/Labrador, Chester
Lindsey, age 14, North Carolina USA, Beagle, Pepper
Brittany, age 14, Ohio USA, Blue Tick Coonhound, Oreo
Sebastian, age 18, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, Labrador Retriever, Nora

Danielle, age 13, California USA, Part Lab/Mixed, Sunshine and Buddy
Ashley, age 14, North Carolina USA, Labrador mix, Jewel
Hailee, age 14, California USA, Mixed Breed, Harry
Ashley, age 8, Montana USA, Mutt, Sadie
Sarah, age 14, Philadelphia USA, Yorkshire Terrier, Ninja

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Jasmin, age 14, Illinois USA, Chihuahua, Mya
Amber, age 15, Indiana USA, Greyhound, Pug, Mix, Pumpkin, Tuffy, Buster
Emily, age 15, Ohio USA, Mixed Breed, Scamp
Alice, age 10, Florida USA, Pomeranian/Chihuahua, Laisa
Jodi, age 13, Rottweiler, Butch

Bo, age 13, Westvlaanderen, Belgium, Husky/Duitse Herder, Zorba
Sabrina, age 12, Cairo, Egypt, Shetland Sheepdog, Sebastian
Amanda, age 14, New York USA, Golden Retriever, Erin
Gracie, age 8, Texas USA, Border Collie Mix, Maddie & Roxie
Tasha, age 14, Australia, Golden Retriever, Rusty

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Aaron, age 6, California USA, Labrador Retriever, Lucky
Abdul, age 13, Beagle, Lucky
Kim, age 13, Virginia USA, Bichon Frise, Fluffy
Tiffy, age 13, Texas USA, Cockapoo/Terrier, Kepper
Patty, age 15, Ohio USA, Schnauzer, Crackerjack

Stacey, age 13, New York USA, Labrador Retriever Mix, Charlie
Molly, age 13, Florida USA, Australian Shepherd/Labrador Retriever, Sydney
Caroline, age 14, Georgia USA, Golden Retriever, Charlie
Molly, age 14, German Shepherd, Duke
Mostacciolia, age 6, New York USA, Mixed Breed, Lucky

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Laura, age 14, Wisconsin USA, Dachshund, Toby
Rachael, age 16, Nebraska USA, German Shepherd/Doberman & German Shepherd/Husky, Daisy and Julee
Sean, age 13, Ohio USA, Labrador Retriever, Rasta
Rachel, age 9, New York USA, Pug, Yoshi
Adela, age 13, Labrador/Poodle, Fifi

Jessica, age 13, Georgia USA, Dachshund, Sweet Pea
Lindsay, age 14, California USA, Labrador Retriever, Reggie
Alannah, age 14, California USA, Labrador Retriever, Reggie
KeLs, age 15, North Carolina USA, Dalmatian, Rolly

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Mary-Kathryn, age 11, Florida USA, Jack Russell Terrier, Panda
Mary, age 13, Virginia USA, Golden Retriever, Kita
Erin, age 14, London England, Old English Sheepdog, Boston
Cadie, age 14, South Carolina USA, Beagle, Norman
Whitney, age 15, Virginia USA, Collie, Eli

Lindsey, age 13, Texas USA, Labrador Retriever, Princess
Christine, age 13, Oklahoma USA, Miniature Schnauzer, Kado
Sora, age 14, California USA, Collie, Lissy
Stephanie, age 8, Florida USA, Golden Retriever, Rosie
Tina, age 13, Montreal Canada, German Shepherd, Sandy

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Furat, age 15, Montreal Canada, Pekingese, Cookie
Kyra, age 13, Oregon USA, German Shorthaired Pointer, Chanti
Ricky, age 10, Georgia USA, Labrador Retriever, Lady
Ashley, age 10, Massachusetts USA, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chesnut
Mary-Kathryn, age 11, Florida USA, Jack Russell Terrier, Panda

Sharlene, age 14 , Singapore, Maltese, Mon-Mon
Aslý, age 14, Istanbul Turkey, Asli Griffon, Linda
Natalie, age 14, Georgia USA, Corgi/Terrier and Springer Spaniel, Atticus and Ariel
Meagan, age 13, Ontario Canada, Shih Tzu, Dolly
Tj, age 14, Arizona USA, American Pit Bull Mix, Girlygirl

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Myriam, age 13, California USA, Cocker Spaniel, Scoob Ali
Brandon, age 7, California USA, Shepherd/Labrador, Sharlit
Lindsey, age 5, California USA, Shepherd/Labrador, Sharlit
Whitney, age 13, Tennessee USA, Great Dane, Boss
Anonymous, age 13, Dublin, Labrador Retriever, Charlie

Alexa, age 11, Maine USA, Labrador Retriever, Nutmeg Spice Girl
Mandy, age 13, Mississippi USA, Chow Mix, Honey
Angela, age 15, California USA, Border Collie/Beagle, Princena
Suzannah, age 13, Connecticut USA, Portuguese Water Dog, Ziggy
Jacob, age 5, Georgia USA, Mixed Breeds, Basil & Rosemary

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Lisa, age 13, Yukon Canada, Mutt, Gin-Gin
Tonya, age 13, Chinese Crested, Sheltie, Trixy, Sissy, Cobey, Whyle, Ebony
Paige, age 13, Tennessee USA, Mixed Breeds and Pomeranian, Sebastian, Chloe, and Misha
Erika, age 13, Washington USA, Pomeranian, Missy
Shannon, age 13, California USA, 3 Mixed Breeds, 2 Purebreds, Max, Chuleta, Hershey, Jessie, Roxy
Mycah, age 11, Indiana USA, Boxer, Gidget
Jasmine, age 13, Mixed Breed, Nadia

Something You Can Do!

Did you have fun reading the names of kids and their dogs?
They have chosen to be responsible and you can, too!

Print out the Contract and sign it.
Show your friends or your teacher.
Put it on the refrigerator or on the wall of your bedroom.
Call your grandparents on the phone and read it to them.
Make copies for your friends to sign when they get a dog.
Start being a responsible dog owner today!.

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