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Boy and pup looking at each other.


I'll Love You Forever!

Remember this: A Dog is for Life!

When you get your dog, keep in mind that you are responsible for him for his entire lifetime. That could be for up to 16 or 17 years! Your dog needs care even when he is old and not so healthy.


 A commitment is a promise. If you make a promise to do your homework, you are making a commitment. What kinds of commitments have you made in the past? Can you think of any? Here are some:

  • to clean your room
  • to help your sister
  • to walk the dogs
  • to get good grades

A boy and a mixed breed, black dog.
Dogs depend on people to be kind and gentle with them.


 Girl holding large labrador in her lap.
Are you getting a new dog?

Do you already have a dog?

Are you ready to make a commitment?

Can you say these statements and mean them?

I am making a commitment to take care of my dog forever.

I will love him and treat him with kindness and respect.

I will give him food, water, shelter, health care, and lots of time.

I promise to be a good citizen and neighbor.


Great Dane puppies will get big!

Little puppies grow up and get big. This Great Dane puppy is only 6 months old. He weighs about 90 lbs., as much as a 6th grade kid. Be sure you can handle all of the changes that are coming as your puppy grows.

Paw prints

If you can say those things and really mean them,
then you may be ready for a dog soon. By the way,
did you know that dogs make a commitment, too?

They promise to always love you back.

Paw prints

 paw printIf you're ready to make a commitment to your dog,
click on the to get your 'I Love My Dog Contract'!paw print


Rusty's Ridiculous Riddles

What is more amazing than a talking dog?

a spelling bee

goofy cartoon dog

Thanks to Lee, age 10, from Texas USA for sending us this funny riddle!

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