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Here are the terrific winners
of The Cody Award!

The National Dog Rescue Connection
Fourteen year old Meghan's wrote about her site:
A comprehensive guide on dogs.
Includes information on their rescue, care, health and wellbeing.
This is true, but you really have to see it to believe it!
Meghan has included information on just about every dog-related subject there is.
Don't miss this one! Meghan also deserves kudos for her selfless work promoting dog rescue!

Miniature Schnauzers
Twelve year old has created a Soo Jin a fun and informative site
on Miniature Schnauzers. Caring for one, training one, etc.
This site even includes the world according to the Miniature Schnauzer.

doggies @ the net
Soo Jin has created another fun and informative site that teaches about dogs in general.
She is still working on the site, but it promises to be as good as the Miniature Schnauzer
site (above) she also put together. Take a look and see how she's doing!


Good Boy, Gus
Gus, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever, has made a site that helps kids become best friends
with their dogs, featuring snack recipes, reviews, training tips and more!
This site is fantastic! Rye has done a beautiful, professional job on her site.
You owe it to yourself to give it a look.

Fourteen year old Victoria has put together a large site
all about her favorite dog, Pascal, the Corgi!
But this isn't just your typical personal site. It is chock-full of activities like chat,
a quiz, postcards. pet care, and even a free background. Check it out!

Pom Power!
Pom Power is a site that twelve year old Casi made about the Pomeranian breed.
It tells about her own Pom, Jag, and gives good information about the breed.
Pom Power! has great dog related site links,
and will soon have lots of Pom pics.
It's a new site, and she hopes to add a lot more in the future.

Bridgeview Kennels
Fifteen year old Jessica said it best: My site is all about my collies.
I love them to death, and don't know where I'd be
or what I'd do without them--oh yeah, same goes for the cat! :o)
I haven't gotten as much done on my website yet as I wanted to already have done,
but it is pretty good so far. See for yourself! :o) Hope you enjoy the page!

Christina's Dalmatians
Twelve year old Christina has made a fun place for Dalmatian lovers!
Her site includes Dalmatian information, a web board, links, and dog news.
Be sure to check it out!

SkyeLyn Kennel
Fourteen year old Brionna has worked very hard to make this site appealing.
She has done a great job. The site includes pictures about her dogs and will soon have
articles and information about the breeds she is interested in.

Cinder the Dalmatian Princess
Thirteen year old Carol has put together a very nice site about her dog, Cinder, a beautiful Dalmatian.
She includes some helpful information about the breed as well.
We're looking forward to seeing more as the site develops!

MapleCove Shelties

Jen, age 15, has put together a very nice site that focuses on Junior Handling.
The site has Sheltie facts, links to other dog websites, and some info about her family in dogs. :)
Be sure to stop by for a visit!

The Cranberry K-9s 4-H Dog Club

Eleven year old Kait sent us a website made by everyone in her 4-H dog club.
It has an agility, showmanship, obedience, plus first aid and a fun facts page.
You can also test your dog knowledge. Check it out!

Hilary's World of Dogs!
Fourteen year old Hilary has a terrific website. Read about how to prepare your dog
for the year 2000 and enjoy a good description about the different aspects of dog shows.
Find good information on spay/neutering and explore many different breeds of dogs.

Haleakala Kennels
Fifteen year old Lianne has put together a great page. Start off with a dog show for your computer petz!
Go to the page titled "My Real Pets" then you will see things about her dogs and the things that they do.
Then take a look at her photography page, you'll see some of her great photos.

Animalz Rule
Thirteen year old Kourtney has made a cute site about her cats and dogs, and she has quite a few!
She even offers pet advice if you email her with a pet problem.

Planet Animal
Eleven year old Grace has put together a very cute website for all animals!
It has lots of links to fun places and they are rated according to
Grace's strict standards. Check it out!

Fifteen year old Tricia has a real talent for art!
Take a look at this great dog site and see the artwork that decorates
this attractive site. Included is info for choosing a breed, a special club
for junior dog lovers and you can even adopt a cyberdog!

Planet Horsey
Ten year old Mandy has put together a very nice website about horses.
If you are a horse fan, go to this site and adopt your own horse!

Thirteen year old Jamie has dedicated this webpage to the best band on earth,
the Beatles! Check it out if you're a Beatles Fan.
It will soon have links to pages about her dog, Emma and her cat, Tyler.

Schipperkes of Ridge Runner
Kindra and her brother put this nice website together for their mom.
There are some great photos of Schipperkes and links to good information.
They also get a chance to brag in their 'Show News' section!

Nicky's Notes
Nicky's Notes has good information about traveling, training, food, links, reviews
and much more. Twelve year-old Rye and her dog, Nicky, have done a wonderful job
in their efforts to promote education and responsible dog care.

Dogs Are Cool!!!
Twelve year-old Jackie has worked very hard on this attractive site.
The coolest thing is a great messageboard where you can post your questions
or anything of interest about dogs. This site has also some great links to check out!

C.P. Online
Visit this site for some fun. C.P. Online has a nice variety of things to read and do:
Parakeet and hamster care, jokes, animal facts, a chat room,
and she even gives out her own award.

Michal_Filly_Astra's Home Page
Take a few minutes out to meet Filly & Astra from Israel!
Their owner, Michal, has a terrific home page about dogs, dog care, and dog training.
You'll find fun, games, pictures and more!

Kara's Adopted Cyber-pets!
If you love cyber-pets, then you will enjoy this site which has a bunch of
adopted pets and accessories. It's also full of links to find cyber-pets of your own!

Lassie's Page
This website is just getting started. It has information about Melissa's dog,
Lassie and her friends. It also has some links with more to come.
There's even a contest that you can enter!

The Dog House
Emily's terrific site includes information about animal shelters, responsible pet care,
and has features like Breed of the month, Dog of the month, Doggy Chat, and more!

The Furfriends Show
Leena and her Samoyeds and Finnish Lapphunds have put together
a lovely website about dogs and horses with lots of information and good links.

Trevi's Page
Iselin and her beautiful Belgian, Trevi, have created a fun
and informative website that you will enjoy visiting.

The Kids and Dogs Page
This is a terrific website where kids of all ages can learn about
their responsibilities towards the canine kind.



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