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Well-Behaved Dogs

If you want your dog to be a good citizen, make sure these things are true!


Can you say these things about your dog?

1. My dog is friendly to strangers.

2. My dog can sit politely while being petted.

3. My dog is groomed and healthy looking.

4. My dog can walk nicely on a leash. When I turn left, right,
and around, he doesn't pull. He stops when I stop.

5. My dog can behave and walk nicely through a crowded area.

6. My dog will sit and lay down when I tell him to. He will stay when I tell him to.

7. My dog will come when I call him.

8. My dog behaves nicely around other dogs.

9. My dog is comfortable around distractions and noises.

10. My dog can be away from me without getting upset and nervous.

Good citizens
can be trusted.
Safe, trustworthy dogs.


To learn how to train your dog, click on theClick for training

 Good citizens.

Good citizens get to go more places.

The statements on this page are all parts of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.
Many cities offer this test. When you pass, your dog gets a certificate
that says your dog is a Canine Good Citizen.
For more information, visit the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test website.
When you are finished just close the window and you will be back on this page.


Make your dog a good citizen!


This book can help your parents train your dog:

The Canine Good Citizen: Every Dog Can Be One, by Jack and Wendy Volhard

Terrific book explaining the CGC and great training ideas to prepare for the test.


Training Basics
Understanding Dogs
Well-Behaved Dogs
Socializing Your Dog



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