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Breeder Questions

Here are the things you should ask a breeder before you buy a puppy.

Does this breed have any genetic health problems? Have your dogs had any of these problems?

Do you do any testing for these inherited problems? Ask to see papers that show testing has been done on the parents of the puppies. Some health issues that have testing available are eyes, hips, elbow, and heart defects.

Can I meet the parents of these puppies? Can I see any relatives? You are looking for calm, friendly dogs.

Where were the puppies born? Do they come in the house? How much time do they spend in the house everyday?

Have you socialized them to sights and sounds so that they are comfortable in the world? Have they been touched and handled by lots of people?

Do you guarantee the health of the dog?

Last, a good breeder will ask YOU lots of questions as well.

For more information and questions to ask dog breeders,
do an Internet search for "questions to ask a dog breeder".





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