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Boxer standing in field.


Boxers are working dogs that came from Germany long ago. They came from dogs that were originally bred to hunt wild animals. With his strong jaw, the early Boxer-type dog would hold the animal until the hunter arrived. Now, Boxers have a strong instinct to guard and protect the people around him.
These days Boxers can do many different activities. They are good companions and sensitive therapy dogs. They enjoy fun activities like flyball, agility, and tracking. Some are used as service dogs, police dogs, and guard dogs. Some Boxers can herd sheep!


Male Boxers can grow up to 25 inches tall and weigh between 55 and 75 pounds. Females are usually a little smaller than males.
Boxers like to do all sorts of things!


Boxer in the snow, exercising.

These very handsome dogs have a short, smooth, shiny coat that lies flat against their body.

They also have lots of muscles which make them a dog who is quite strong.


What color is your favorite?

Boxers are known mostly by their two popular colors, fawn and brindle. But sometime you might see a white Boxer.

Boxer at the beach, exercising.

Boxers like water, too.

Fawn-colored Boxers are a solid color and can be light or dark.

Brindle Boxers have black stripes on a fawn background. These stripes can be narrow or they can be so wide that the dog looks almost completely black.

Brindle and fawn Boxers may have some white on their bodies, too.


Many people have Boxers that are mostly white.
They are great dogs, too. If a Boxer has too much white,

he can be your pet, but he can't be a show dog.


A Boxer's mouth may look a little different. Unlike most other dogs, his lower jaw will stick out farther than his upper jaw. So if you look at a Boxer's mouth, you will see that his bottom teeth come out farther than his upper teeth.

Boxer face.


Docking and Cropping

Most Boxers have had their tails docked. This means that the tail has been surgically shortened by a veterinarian. If your Boxer is a show dog, then he may have had his ears cropped, too. This means they have been surgically 'trimmed' to look like other Boxers that are show dogs.

Why do Boxers have their ears and tails changed? It started long ago when Boxers were hunters. Often wild animals would try to grab the ears or the tail of the dog. If the tail and ears were trimmed, the animal couldn't grab on as easily. It was safer for the dog.

But now, most Boxers don't hunt and many people believe they shouldn't crop or dock any parts of the dogs' bodies. They think that Boxers look just fine with long ears and a long tail. In England most Boxers do not have cropped ears. What do you think?

Boxers can have cropped ears and docked tails.


Bathing your Boxer once in a while will help keep him clean and smelling good.

Even though a Boxer's hair is short, he will shed some. Brushing him once a week will help keep the hair in the brush and not on the floor. Brushing also feels good to your dog and helps keep his skin healthy.

You also might enjoying hugging your Boxer more if he is clean.

Young brindleBoxer pup wrapped in a towel after swimming.


Boxers need exercise quite often.

Boxers can jump!

It would be a good thing to walk your Boxer every day even if he has a yard. Boxers are energetic and enjoy being active, playing games, and participating in activities like swimming, flyball, agility, tracking, and obedience.


Boxers are cheerful, kind, and gentle dogs. They are playful and affectionate, and can be silly. Boxers are a lot of fun!

Boxers like people, especially kids, and will make a good best friend. Spending time with your Boxer will make him a very happy canine!

Boxers love to play with children or kids.


Boxers like to play with children!

Boxers are brave, or courageous, and are good watchdogs for families. Care should be taken when children are wrestling or playing roughly because a loyal Boxer may mistake this for trouble and get protective by showing some aggression.

Boxers are also very alert. That means they watch the things around them. They may bark just to let you know someone is at the front door.


Spend lots of time with your new pup from an early age so he is comfortable with you. Roll him over, touch his feet, look at his teeth, and brush him gently. This will help him get used to being handled and he will be a better companion when he is older.
Boxer puppies.

Boxer puppy.

Boxers are very trainable. They love you and they want to learn from you. When you get a pup, let him get used to his new home. When he is a little older, you can start to take him places.


It is a good idea to socialize your pup from an early age so he is comfortable in many different situations. Taking him places where he will meet other dogs and new people will help him be a better companion for you. He'll also get some extra exercise!
Boxer playing with a Golden Retriever.


Boxers are great dogs.

Boxers are alert, intelligent dogs. They are very good at paying attention. This makes them fast learners in obedience. Teaching your dog obedience will help him become a good citizen and help him to have good manners. Because Boxers are sensitive dogs, they don't need harsh training. They will always try to do their best when learning.


Like many dogs, Boxers can become bored if they don't have enough to do or if they're left alone too much. If they become bored, they might start chewing, digging, or barking. Make sure you give your Boxer lots of exercise, fun things to do, and time with the family he loves so much.

Boxer resting after a run at the dog park.


The Boxer was named for his manner of fighting - which is that he starts a fight with his front paws like a human boxer.
(source: www.indianchild.com/dogs)
Fido's Fabulous Dog Facts



All About Boxers

(from their kids!)


Young girl with Boxer.
"Every boy who has a dog should also have a mother,
so the dog can be fed regularly."
- Anonymous

animal bar

new boxer story My Boxer is a fawn and his name is Max. Max is the best dog ever he plays with me and follows me everywhere! Get this, he even plays soccer with me! I have another Boxer that is white, and when you wash him he gets black spots. His name is Casper. He is the best also! We love you Max and Casper! Lauren, age 17, Florida USA

new boxer story My Boxer is a girl. Her name is Molly. She loves to play with me on my swing and slide and to play house. Daddy says that I cannot play too much because she is going to have babies. Victoria, age 5, Texas USA

new boxer story My family just found a Boxer, about one year old, at the park. No tags, and no chip, so we took him in. He's the sweetest animal I've ever met, and he loves our other dog. He's great with my younger brother, and the rest of the family. Alena, age 16, Colorado USA

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new boxer story I just recently have gotten a Boxer puppy. Her name is Maggie and she is the cutest little thing. I'm glad that I found this web site because I really have learned from it and my puppy is getting the best care I can give her. Maggie is now the family's best friend. Shalissa, age 13, New York USA

new boxer story We got our boxer, Murphy, in May 2007. He's a brindle color with a black mask. He's the cutest thing you will ever lay eyes on. He loves to play and cuddle. When he's outside, he'll all of a sudden start sprinting around the yard in circles and it's hilarious. He LOVES to play with other dogs and can jump as high as a kangaroo. He likes to sleep curled up behind or in between my legs. However, he's a curious little guy and sometimes gets himself into trouble....but he's just too cute to get mad at. Hehe. Thanks! Jessica, Illinois

new boxer story My Boxer's name is Sunny. He is my best friend. He always has this thing about him where he can tell when I'm down. And when i am, the only thing he wants to do is comfort me. I love him so much and I would never get another dog. We have horses and Sunny loves them. Most dogs would try to bother them. He doesn't. He loves to give kisses with them and they share water and even play tag. Aleesha, Utah USA

new boxer story My Boxer's name is Raven and she is a brindle color. I got her for my 10th birthday so now she is 3 years old. Ever since we got her she runs outside in circles around the tree and she makes me laugh every time she does it. A lot of people say my dog looks like a pittbull so they're scared of her, but if you try to pet her she will lick and love you. Well, I hope you liked my story about my dog Raven.Yasin, age 13, Maryland USA

new boxer story I have a ten year old Boxer who is so sweet. My aunt breeds boxers and when she wanted to give us Lacey (our dog's name), I was so happy. When we got her, I thought she was as skinny as a shoe lace. Then the name Lacey stuck. When Lacey turned seven we added another Boxer to the family, Dunkin. Even though he was so much fun, we gave him to Boxer Rescue because he was so mischievous. Boxers sometimes think that they are ten pound lap dog,s but Dunkin is in a good home and Lacey is as playful as ever. Amanda, age 13, New Jersey USA

new boxer story I have a 9 year old Boxer, her name is Jazz. Jazz got hip dysplasia around the age of 8 so she is not as playful anymore, but she still is playful. She loves to look for groundhogs, rabbits, crayfish, and birds. Brie, age 14, Pennsylvania USA

new boxer story Maggie is our Boxer's name. She is Fawn. We got Maggie on Christmas 2006. Once we gave her ice to play with and now she sits in front of the fridge and begs for ice. I think it's funny when I hold Maggie and she puts her arms around me. Also when I use the computer, she lies under the computer desk and uses
my foot as a pillow. Maggie is also really protective. I love Maggie so,so,so much! She is the cutest and prettiest puppy in the world! But she will grow every day! I hope you enjoyed my story about my boxer, Maggie.
Danielle, age 9, Virginia USA

new boxer story I have a brindle Boxer and her name is Sadie. She is 2 years old and was born on New Year's Eve. I love her so much and I'm glad we got her. We used to have 13 boxers at one time. Sadie is playful, funny, and she runs really fast so every time we have a race she beats me. We have 12 pigs and she will sit out there for an hour and just bark at them. Every time someone hears her bark, they say she sounds lie a duck. We have a lot of trucks and cars but you can't leave her in there for five minutes without her ripping out the headliner.

She also plays in the water when we go on the boat and she tries to attack the buoy. She also herds our pigs if they get out of the pen. Out of all her mistakes we love her anyway. If you ever asked me to trade her for the world I wouldn't do it. Autumn, age 14, Florida USA

new boxer story Hi my name is Claire. I have a Boxer who's name is Bridget. Bridget loves to give kisses. She is very, very, sweet. She loves to lay in the grass in summer. Bridget is very gentle. Bridget has little, black stripes on her back. Bridget was born 6 months after me. Hope you liked learning about Bridget. Boxers Rule! Claire, Age 9

new boxer story My Boxer's name is Andy. She is loving, caring, and the best dog I have ever had. I love my dog and she loves me too. Erin, age 13, Georgia USA

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red paw My dog is a Boxer named Caper. I have been bugging my mom and dad for years to get a dog and now I finally have one. We named her after Cape Breton, that is where we are from. I play tug, hide and seek, etc. I love my dog very much. Erin, Age 15, Timmins, Ontario Canada

red paw Our dog, Heidi, is so hyper you would think it only eats sugar. And she runs as fast as a cheetah. She is brindle in color and likes to irritate our guinea pig, Norman. We love her anyway. Nic and Alex, Kansas USA

red paw I have three Boxers named Buzz, Cynder, and Lockaloni. They are the best dogs in the world. Lockaloni is a fawn boxer and very sweet. Right now I am teaching my dog, Buzz, how to jump six feet into the air. Now he can jump four feet, but he is almost there and will do the Mutt Strut in July. I hope we win because I want to take home a prize for the years work I have done. Wish me luck from everyone! Bye! Angel, Age 13, California USA

red paw My two dogs, Hollie (Boxer) and Buck (German Shepherd), are the best dogs in the world! Dani, Age 12, Missouri USA
red paw I love my dog, Ali . She is the cutest thing, and I'll never forget her! She has a personality just like a human. Ali will always be in my heart. Marisa, Age 14, California USA
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red paw Zoe is just one year old. Zoe sleeps with me and looks after the house when we're at work - but she's never alone for anything more than three hours a day. Mum takes her for a walk every morning (at 6:00 am). We love Zoe heaps! I'd love to get another Boxer but like mum says "one is more than enough" - never mind - she might change her mind! Laura, Age 18, Osborne, South Australia
red paw I have two very great dogs. Poison is a Boxer who is a year old. Buffy is a Cocker Spaniel who is 6 years old. Although Buffy is really Ashley's dog, I still am allowed to play with her. Poison and Buffy are so funny together. Poison is extremely hyper and she loves to play tug-of-war with me. Buffy would rather sit around and watch, but when Poison wants to fight with her, she gets up and plays. We love our dogs so much. B (that's what we call Buffy) is always willing to give you a hug and Pois is always willing to give nice, slobbery kisses. Our dogs are the greatest. We love you guys. Erin and Ashley, Ages 7 and 15, California USA
red paw My dog, Zeus (Boxer), is the best because he protects me and my family. He may look vicious, but he is the nicest dog you can every have. I love him so much no other dog can replace him. And all I wanna say about him is that he is the best friend anyone can have! Jasmine, Age 14, Ohio USA
red paw My dog, Buzz, is very good to me and my family. We have had him for 5 years now as a puppy. He his fun to play fetch with and he watches over all of my family. He is a guard dog. I love him to infinity and beyond. Chris, age 8
red paw Hi, dog lovers. My name is Mary. My dog's name is Cala. She loves to be petted. She gets very hyper when people come over. She is getting really big. I love Boxers a lot. My nana had a Boxer, but he had to be put down. His name was Duchets. I hope that Cala will grow as big as Duchets. There is one thing Cala has - huge paws - they don't look like they should be on her body. I love Cala so much. Bye. P.S. I think people that like dogs should get a Boxer. They're GREAT!! Mary, Age 10, Massachusetts USA

There are many Boxers around the country without homes. Have your parents call a Boxer rescue to adopt a warm, loving Boxer just waiting for a home. You'll be doing a good thing.

Check here for a rescue organization in your city.

Boxer in the yard.


Rusty's Ridiculous Jokes and Riddles
Gina: I heard you got a boxer!
Aliya: No I didn't!
Gina: But my mom and your mom said so!
Aliya: I don't like boxers, they're too violent.
Gina: Then why did you get it?  
 Aliya: I didn't get a boxer, but I got a dog!
little dog
Submitted by Anonymous. Thanks for the joke!


Beautiful Boxer face!

Do you want to know more about Boxers? Click on the link below. When you're finished, just close the window and you'll be right back here!

The American Boxer Club


Some Famous Boxers
Bonny, dog of Alan Langer, Autralian Rugby League footballer
Caesar, actress Shirley McClaine's Boxer
Buckley and Brennen, owned by singer Justin Timberlake
Foster and Gracie, Boxers owned by Greg Biffle, NASCAR driver.
Killer, owned by NASCAR driver, the Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Kalvin, owned by Kasey Kahne, NASCAR driver.



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