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Bonnie conquers her fear of the pagoda at the age of 15 weeks.
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Bonnie has a great temperament and personality. But, today Bonnie found something she was afraid of. It's really not very scary, but it was to Bonnie. Afterall, she's only fifteen weeks old and everything is new to her.

We have a water fountain in our yard and on the top is an iron pagoda. It looks nice on the fountain. But today when Bonnie spotted it, she was startled and began to bark loudly. I haven't really heard Bonnie's loud bark before.  To help her, I took the pagoda off the fountain and placed it on the ground so that she could see it better. But she continued to bark and back away from it.

To help Bonnie feel better about this strange thing, I grabbed a small bowl of treats and laid it on the ground about six inches from the pagoda. I thought if there was something Bonnie liked near the thing she didn't like, she might change her mind and begin to feel better about it.

Slowly, but surely, Bonnie moved closer and closer to the pagoda just to get the treats. I had also put some treats right on top of the pagoda. Can you see them? Bonnie finished all of the treats in the bowl. But will she eat the ones on the pagoda?

Yes, she did! A little bit at a time, Bonnie moved closer and closer to the pagoda and finally ate all of the treats. Bonnie conquered her fear!

Everything is new to a puppy. They are exploring their world and finding new things all the time. Making new situations comfortable for the puppy is the best way to socialize them.

In the video above you will see Bonnie conquering her fear of the pagoda. Look carefully at the end to see what she does. She really is quite adorable!

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