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Meet Bonnie!
Check out our new puppy! We are very excited to introduce you to Bonnie. She's a twelve-week-old collie and she is the cutest bundle of fur around.We hope you'll visit our puppy...

A New Friend
When I bought Bonnie, I was a little worried that she would miss her sisters and brothers. But she hasn't seemed lonely. Last night she found my toy stuffed collie and had a lot...

Adventure in the Backyard
Bonnie and I have been spending a lot of time outside since she got here. I am teaching her to play and use chew toys to keep herself busy. Today, while we were sitting outside...

Run Like the Wind!
I think it's very important for Bonnie to come when I call her, so one of the first commands I taught little Bonnie was to come to me when I blow a dog whistle. I bought the dog...

Bonnie, the Olympic Swimmer
If you want your dogs to be good at something, teach them. If you can start when they're young, it's easier, but older dogs can learn new things, too. I want Bonnie to learn to...

Meet the Kids
Puppies have so much to learn. A well-adjusted puppy is comfortable with men, women, children, and other dogs. Today, Bonnie met my nephews. You can see in this photo that her...

Protecting the Pup
We realized that when we saw the hawk in the tree above Bonnie, that we needed to do a better job of preparing the yard so that it's safe for her when she's alone. Sometimes, we...

Exercise Your Options
There are so many choices when it comes to exercising your puppy. The first thing you probably think of is walking your pup, which is an excellent activity. But exercise is a...

Good Company
Some days it's important to train your puppy. And some days it's just enough to let your puppy make you smile.

Keeping Up with the Pup
Bonnie is at the stage where everything is interesting to her. Because she's getting a little taller almost every day, she's discovering new things all the...

Learning to Fetch (with video)
I've always wanted a dog who will retrieve a ball and then bring it back to me. They don't need to be obsessed with the ball, but I would like my dog to play this game with me....

Playing for Confidence (with video)
Bonnie is a very confident puppy and I want her to stay confident as she grows up. One thing that helps a dog's attitude is to teach them to run through an...

Unsafe Choices
Puppies chew on just about everything. They can't tell which things are safe and which things are dangerous. You can see in this photo that Bonnie is chewing the Bird of...

Hidden Talents (with video)
When I was a teacher I always looked for something special in each student. I tried to find out what they liked and what they were good at. Focusing on their strengths allowed...

Thinking about the Future
 In a few days, Bonnie will go to the vet and get her last set of puppy vaccinations. That means that in a week, she'll be able to go out for walks and...

Making the Trade
Toys are not only for play. They are terrific things with which to bargain. Here's what happened. Bonnie is really into shoes. She loves shoes! She finds one...

Car Parts
After we picked Bonnie up from the breeder, we found out that when she's riding in the car, she throws up. It could be that she is carsick or that she is stressed by a new...

Yesterday I wrote about my plan to help Bonnie be more comfortable riding in the car. My goal was to drive her around the block without her getting carsick. Well, we did it! We...

Today I took Bonnie to the vet for her last set of vaccinations. She will now be protected from illnesses that could harm her. She was also microchipped, which is a wonderful...

Bonnie and the Pagoda (with video)
Bonnie has a great temperament and personality. But, today Bonnie found something she was afraid of. It's really not very scary, but it was to Bonnie. Afterall, she's only...

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