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Book Report Helper
Hey Kids! Book reports are fun and easy!

Just follow these steps:

1. Read a good dog book. See Cody's Reading List for suggestions.

2. Write about the book, but don't tell how it ends.

3. When you write about the book, try some of these sentence starters:

The title of my book is-

The author is-

This story is about-

This is a book about-

This is the story of-

The main character in this book is-

Another person in this story is-

This story takes place at-

The time when it happens is-

The main problem in the story is-

The problem is fixed by-

My favorite part is-

I liked the story when-

It was funny that-

It was sad when-

I thought it was interesting that-

I didn't like-

I didn't believe the part about-

I especially liked-

It was exciting when-

The funniest part was-

The part I would change is-

If I were in this story, I would-

This story reminded me about-

When I finished this book I wanted to-

This story made me feel-

I wish-

I think-

I wonder if-

I agreed with-

I don't know why-

The author of this book-

The next book I want to read is about-

I recommend this book because-

I liked this book because-

4. Check your writing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

5. When you have finished your report,
fill out the form below:

What is your first name?
(Please do not write your last name.)

What is your email address? This is required!
A new law says we must have your parent's permission
if you are under the age of 13 before posting your writing.
A notice will be sent to your parents.
After we receive permission, your writing will be posted.

How old are you?

Where do you live?
(name of city / state / province / country)
(No street addresses please.)

Put your book report in this box:

Don't forget to click this button!

Thank you very much!
Your writing will be posted on 'Cody's Book Reports' soon!

Hey, kids! Join Cody's Book Club today!

All About Dog Books
Book Club
Great Dog Books
Book Reports
Writing Book Reports
Teacher Resources
Books for Parents

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