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Cody's Book Club

The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

'The Call of the Wild' is about a dog named Buck
and how he survives after being stolen from his home
and taken to a strange place.

If you have read this book,
send us your review. If you answer all three questions below,
we'll post your name and you'll be in the Club!

A review is 2 or more sentences answering these 3 questions:

1) Did you like the book?

2) Why (this is very important!)?

3) What parts did you like or not like?

You must answer all three questions
to have your review posted.

The very best reviews will get a star!

Congratulations to these members of Cody's Book Club!

Updated 5/6/09

Little book NewJesus, age 14, Mexico

I loved this book. I love how the story develops. I like that at first Buck thinks that living there will be a nightmare, but soon he realizes that he is strong and the best dog of Alaska. A part that i'll remember forever is when Thornton told Buck "God! You can all but talk." I liked this book a lot.

StarLittle book NewAxel, age 13, Pennsylvania USA

I liked this book just because it was well written. The vivid description of the dog fights turned my stomach, and made me sad, especially the part where Bucks companion *Cough* (I don't want to ruin it, lol) was killed by the other dogs. This book shows a good message about the feelings between man and animal, and how someone can go from civilized to a complete savage. It was a well written book...I just didn't like the deep description of cruelty.

StarLittle book NewHolly-Nichole, age 14, CA USA

Personally, I thought the book was strange. Why would some stupid gardener sell a dog. I mean he stole it from a judge, which is someone who could have convicted him of theft. I mean I didn't really get it. It was all over a good book. I appreciate the author's great lengths to make it unforgettable. But it seemed very disturbing. What man in his right mind would think of dogs (or any living being for that matter) getting beaten to death with a club?

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Little book NewJenny, age 14, Louisana USA

I think this was a fabulous book. I truly think the main idea was awesome. You see I love dogs. I have 3 and I feel bad for the dog in this book because of the situation it's in, being snatched from his home, tortured then thrown out like week old dog food. It is sad. I liked the book.

StarLittle book NewJack, age 13, Ontario, Canada

The "Call of the Wild" is the most positive experience I got from a book. It started out a little boring, but eventully became more interesting. My favorite character was John Thornton because he protected and cared for Buck. The author of the book, Jack London, had a way of making you want to read the book over and over again. There is so much action in the story that it held you close. I would definitely say it's extraordinary.

The book is mostly told from a dog's perspective so it lets the reader compare a dog's life from a humans. The book is a fast-paced story, one adventure after another! Jack London did an excellent job creating the characters. He made them very believable. I would definitely recommend this book to all readers, because it has many exciting events throughout the whole novel.

Logice, age 13, NSW Australia

'The Call of the Wild' was really sad. The thing I liked best about it was probably the fact it was so realistic. It wasn't one of those books which are like total fairytales and everyone lives happily ever after. This book had really strong but subtle morals in it. It is an amazing and inspirational book with a lot of reality.

It emphasises the fact that life isn't actually fair and a lot of the time, only the strongest or smartest will survive. One of the main themes is love and trust and how much an animal, which is considered incapable of much reasoning, can truly love.

Personally my favourite part of the novel was when Buck wins Thornton sixteen hundred dollars and does what everyone else considered impossible. That was the power of his love.

Juliana, age 13, Florida

I read this book in literature class, and I didn't really enjoy it. I will admit that, for what it was, it was well written. The subject and the message of the book just floored me. There must be, for a creative writer, thousands of plot lines to choose from. I just couldn't comprehend why London chose to write about an animal who is dragged away from his home, maimed, tortured, starved, frozen, and kicked out into the wild.

The ironic thing is that this poor dog, and many others like Buck, were treated this way so some miners could find some gold! One of life's great enigmas is why school systems condone violence such as that demonstrated in "The Call of the Wild" in their syllabus. Well written, but definitely not my thing; let's just say that I did a lot of margin writing in this book.

Julie, age 13, Singapore

"The Call of the Wild" is truly an amazing book. I read it again and again, unable to let my hands off this book. It teaches us that dogs have their own sense of pride and they are supposed to do what they really want to do instead of just obeying their masters. Animals have feelings and so we must follow what they really want instead of forcing them to do what they do not want to do. I do not like the part when Mercedes came in as she is very whiney and especially like the part when John Thorton came in.

George, age 14, Winnipeg, Canada

My opinion of the book was that it was so excellently written. The book was so gripping that I stayed awake all night just to finish it. The story had large quantities of foreshadowing. My favorite character, which I bet is your's too, is Buck. At first, he was not going that well, but then he started to adapt to the harsh conditions in the North.
I found this book was quite the same as White Fang, which is on the same outline of The Call Of the Wild. I found it very hard to point out which was better than the other.

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C.W., age 13, Oklahoma USA

I liked Call of the Wild a lot! There was lots of action and fighting, which I like in a book. The plot was good also, it really made me feel sorry for Buck. Even though there were lots of bad things that happened to Buck, Jack London always countered the bad with something good. For example when Buck is sold the first time he at least gets good owners. I would give this a 4 out 5 stars.

E.E, age 13, Oklahoma USA

At first when the class started to read this book, I was very confused with it. Jack London is a unique writer. I don't think I have ever read a book anything like this. When we got more into the book I started to understand it a little better. But I was still confused. Like, if he's killing a moose, then why doesn't he just say that he is killing a moose. I think he said everything but that. Overall, it was an interesting book. But I probably wouldn't read it again. It bored me a little. = )

Corbin, age 13, Oklahoma USA

I thought the Call of The Wild was an okay book, not very good in my opinion, but it's not the kind of book I usually read. I did like the description of the Yukon and the Alaskan wilderness and the fighting. The way Jack London put the reader in Buck's shoes was cool and gave good detail on life as a sled dog. Also I liked how he described the emotion in anger and love for man and animal throughout the story.

Maddie, age 12, Oklahoma USA

In my opinion The Call of the Wild was pretty good. In the beginning I did not understand it but then it got much better. It was kind of hard to understand but you get the point. I also thought the book was very sad. Buck was a good character and you felt like he was your own dog and you felt bad for him. I have a phobia of blood and the dark so i was scared when they talked about blood.

SQ Bizzle, age 13, Oklahoma USA

Yo, this book was alright. I can't believe Spitz...(Oops, you'll have to read this part yourself!)! He should have torn Buck apart!! But overall this was a good book. I didn't like that Spitz ...(Oops, you'll have to read this part yourself!), though. He was the (main) antagonist! My favorite part was when Buck learned the Law of Club and Fang.

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Samantha, age 14, South Carolina USA

My opinion of this book is that they should never have treated a dog like that and you should treat them like everybody else. I loved the book. It made me cry when Curly died. It was a great book! It made me feel like I was in Buck' shoes being called to the wild. I can understand being called back home because your families do the same.

Coral, age 13, Texas USA

Call of the Wild is an ok book. It was a little boring but for the most part ok. I really dislike the ending because John Thornton...(Oops, you'll have to read this part yourself!) and even though I know that that is the only way for Buck to be free of the ties with man, I just wish John Thornton ...(Oops, you'll have to read this part yourself!) if you know what I mean, OH well!

Anonymous, age 14, New Jersey USA

I am in eighth grade and am currently reading this book. I think the way the author has portrayed the character of Buck is incredible. He has described the call for man as the lure of gold through the mysterious mine and the call for a dog as the yearn for the strangest desires. It explains the way Buck becomes a primordial beast and how he becomes the leader of a wolf pack. This book is really extraordinary.

Jennipher, age 13, New York USA

The Call of the Wild is a wonderful book. I had to read this year in 8th grade. At first I didn't think I would enjoy it, but whenever I pick up the book I could never set it down. The way Buck forced himself to adapt to all the new surroundings, to stay fit, and to never give up was incredible! I read the book about seven times already and it is still my favorite book!!

Olga, age 13, Ontario, Canada

I think that Call of the Wild is one of the finest examples of literature for children that there is. It is an amazing book. Jack London is very descriptive. He leaves nothing out. From the very first sentence, I was lost in the story.

I love this book because it is written from Buck's point of view. It tells you about life as a sled dog, the fear and brutality of being kidnapped, and the wild. The author leaves nothing out, and while that is one of the reasons that the book is a bit gory, that helps to get the point along.

The story has a very clear and precise moral. It teaches you that there is always someone who appreciates you for who you are, not just what you can do. My favourite part is when Buck is running free in the forest with the wild wolf - you feel as if you are actually there, running along with them! This is a great book for any wolf or dog lover. On a scale of 1-10, this one rates a definite 10!!

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Steph, age 14, Indiana USA

This book was alright. My class read it during language arts. The book is alright, but to me I didn't really understand it because of all the dogs names and the human names. But besides all that, it was a good book. I loved the part when Buck got John Thornton as an owner, because John treated him like a dog.

Nicole, age 8 1/2, Massachusetts USA

I really liked it because it's a book about a dog! Not only that, it had a lot of action and adventure! I liked the ending part when Buck joins the wolf pack best. I loved this book!

Rianna, Age 14, California USA

I like the book, although I find it very brutal. The reason I liked it is because it is very realistic (to me) - it often happens in life. Meaning that, it often happens in life that whenever the best or the leader is getting old, someone younger always comes and takes his/her place. I also find it very sad, too. Parts of the story when one of the dogs is either tortured or is about to die, make me want to cry. The favorite thing that I cannot often find in many books, but I did in 'The Call of the Wild' is the description of how the animals think, see, and feel things.

Jill, Age 13, New York USA

I think this book was exciting and scary. It was one of the best books I ever read! Buck was really brave when he and his fellow dog mates teamed up to defend themselves against the wolves who tried to steal their food.

Jessi, age 14, Kentucky USA

I thought the book was great. It has adventure, love, and sadness. It showed how everything is, deep down, still wild. We can overcome our civil beings and become the wild people we were thousands of years ago, like many of us tend to do today. But, in this book, Buck goes under many trials and overcomes them, not easily but by adapting and forgetting how civilized he was, and having to be a wild and free dog. He now had to kill for food, and while that may not be appealing, it was something that he had to do. This book was heartwarming, and it was amazing how Jack London put it all into perspective. Though the text was hard to follow at points, it still kept me interested.

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Heavyhood, age 13, Toronto Canada

This book, in my opinion, is one of London's best, it does not only talk about a canines correlation with man, but also gives theory about canines and their connection with their past. It is quite a gory book, cruel too, but i think this is a very good book overall because of the detail and intense emotions one dog went through. Although this book is a little complex, and not suitable for all readers. The one other thing that this book indirectly tells me is about Jack London's life and experiences.

AJ, age 16, USA

I didn't really care for Call of the Wild. Not that it was a horrible book, but for the fact that it was not my type. I tend to be in favor of first-person novels, but unfortunately, this is a third-person novel. Also it had a limited amount of dialogue that was mediocre at best (no talking dogs in this story). Some parts in the book were a little hard to understand, but on the brighter side, it did bring you vivid pictures to douse the boring text. I would call it interesting even though I love animals. I would recommend that you pick this book up and read it on a long car trip.

Maria, age 16, Autria

"The Call of the Wild" really is my favorite book! I first read it when I was only 10 and it made such an impression on me! I really wasn't able to stop reading until the very end!!
I love all animals, especially dogs and wolves! I cant understand why most people don't like wolves! Wolves are not bad!!! For me, they are the most impressing creatures on earth!! They are so strong and free and independent!! For this I admire them!! Jack London showed them as they are: often better then the people!!

Anonymous, age 13, USA

I really didn't like Call of the Wild. I thought it was absolutely horrible. I found the book really hard to understand. A lot of it just didn't make sense. I didn't really like the plot either. It was just about a dog who goes out into the wilderness and then hears a "call". In my opinion this book isn't as good as everyone says it is.

Mike, age 13, New Jersey USA

The book, "Call of The Wild" by Jack London was a story of trust, strength, and meaning. This book is an excellent way to tell you that humans were once wild and we still have that in us. I loved this book because it was so interesting following the journeys of Buck. He went through many great events. He was torn apart by the death...(Oops, you'll have to read this part yourself!). Still, he survived them.

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Rikki, age 13, California USA

I thought this book was excellent! I picked it up and couldn't stop reading until 11:30 PM. I also read "White Fang". I recommend this book!

Tony, age 15, Florida USA

To me, Jack London's "The Call of the Wild" was an intense tale of Buck and his travels. It shows the importance of friendship and trust, also the passions with love. I am a "dog" person, and at times I felt as if Buck was my own dog, that is how you know this is a good book. I became one with the story, and I too give it a ten out of ten. I highly recommend this tale to any reader, of any age.

Moisha, age 14, New York USA

Call of the Wild is an amazing adventure novel. It explains the concept of the Charles Darwin theory of evolution and survival of the fittest. In Call of the Wild the civilized Buck has to adapt to the harsh realities of frosty North in which only the stronger prosper and in order for an individual to survive you must all work as a team. I liked how I was able to get a great mental picture of the once pampered and civilized Buck develop into a wild beast, connecting with his ancestors.

Olivia, age 10, New Brunswick Canada

This book is one of the best books I have ever read. It is a very exciting book with lots of key points and details. The main character is Buck, a mixed breed between a Scotch-Shepherd and a Saint Bernard. Buck's love and friendship with his beloved owner breaks when Buck is stolen and sold to go work as a sled dog. This book has hair-raising experiences that the reader will never forget. This book taught me that pets aren't just animals that you feed and cleanup after, but they are a very important member of your family and should get as much attention as they need. I recommend this book to all dog lovers !!!

Danielle, age 14, USA

I thought that the book was excellent. I loved how the author showed the way the wolf-dog felt as he came to love and trust a human hand. I also loved the way the author showed how the humans felt during the whole process of developing the trust of the wolf-dog. The way he shows how the wolf-dog is easily angered when a human is around because he is was mistreated by the human hand is excellent.

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BJ, age 14, Pennsylvania USA

The minute I opened the cover and started reading I was lost in Buck's world. The only time that I put it down was when...(Oops, you'll have to read this part yourself!). This is a great book for both young and old. I recommend this book to anybody and everybody. Before reading this book, I always thought that sled dogs had an easy life. I learned that they have to work together and use teamwork.

Aubree, age 14, California USA

I felt that Buck should have been with John Thornton because he was so happy and John was so proud to be his owner - after all he won him $1,600. It was sad when...(Oops, you'll have to read this part yourself!) and if I wrote this book it would end with John finding his fortune in Alaska and living happily ever after or something like that. This book was an allegory because Buck thought things out before he did them. I think that is a trait all people should have and dogs!

Stephanie, age 13, USA

I thought that The Call of the Wild was an interesting book. It was very sad that Buck was treated the way that he was, and I felt sorry for him. I liked the book because it told the story from an animal's point of view. I did not like the book because it was very slow in the beginning. In the end, I really liked it though because Buck found someone to love!

Stephanie, age 13, Mississippi USA

I like "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London, because it used dogs to show humans' actions. It was an awesome story of triumph over tragedy and I was very pleased with most of the story. I must admit that it was a trifle monotonous in some parts, but all in all, I fell in love with the book. My heart went out to Buck and all of the dogs on the team. I enjoyed this book very much.

Jessica, age 14, New York USA

This book is so cool! It is about a dog named Buck who is sold and is taken to Yukon,Canada to toil.

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Seda, age 13, Turkey

I really, really love this book. It is very interesting, and very sad. It's a very cool book. I think dog lovers or animal lovers should read this book. I actually love Buck. He is very strong, and one thing I love about him is that he never gives up. I read this book about two times. I think that Jack London did a great job of writing this book. It even tells how a dog feels. I was a bit happy when Spitz...(Oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!). Well that's why I love this book.

Jenee, age 14, Texas USA

I positively loved it! Everything is seen from a dog's point of view. His pains and pleasures clearly paint a picture of the Yukon the way he sees and understands it. Everyone he meets, the experienced dog handlers, the inexperienced tourists, and his friend all make some imprint in his life. He makes the Yukon look like a thriving wilderness instead of an unbearable wasteland.

Marissa, age 10, Nova Scotia, Canada

I liked the book, The Call Of The Wild, because it was very good and interesting and I didn't know what was going to happen next. But it was sad when he was getting beaten by the people who stole him.

Justin, age 15, Tennessee USA

Well, right now I think it sucks because I have to do a poster about Buck's leadership and I can't draw so I am mad! Anyway, that is my opinion.

Michael, age 9, California USA

The Call of the Wild was the greatest book and longest
I've ever read in my life. Because it was so exciting and sad,
that's why I like this book so much.

Sarah, age 13, Ontario Canada

I find that some parts of this book are depressing. My class
did a study on the author, and we found that he led a very
downcast and depressed life, but he still wrote excellent
literature! I liked the book, although I liked White Fang much
better. I like White Fang better, because I like wolves just
as much as dogs.

Alyssa, age 10, Virginia USA

I think basically if you like to cry it was a good book. I
sometimes liked it, but mostly I didn't. I am a real dog
lover, so I don't like it when any dog is killed, even bad ones.
Another reason I didn't like it was I don't like killing, so I
hated every part when anything died. Sorry to those who
liked the book, but I hated it.

May88, age 12, Perak, Malaysia

When I first read it when I was 9/10 years), I found
the book very interesting because it was about a dog,
and I'm a dog lover. I just love the book.

Andy, age 9, Ontario Canada

This book is so cool that I couldn't put it down. I'm even
doing my school book report on The Call Of The Wild. I like
this book because it has adventure and is about dogs and
how they think and feel.

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