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Stone Fox

by John Reynolds Gardiner

'Stone Fox' is about a boy who enters a sled dog race
to win some money and help his grandfather.

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Congratulations to these members of Cody's Book Club!

starlittle book Sue, age 8, Pennsylvania USA

I liked this book because it is very interesting and a little bit sad. My favorite part was that little Willy had to make his grandfather feel better again. I cried at the end because it was sad. I wonder why the book isn't titled Searchlight because she is a loving and trusted creature and one of the main characters. She never gave up and saved Willy and the farm.

I want to know why Searchlight just ...(OOPS, you'll have to read this part yourself!)? I wish there was a Stone Fox 2 because I'd like to know what Willy does after the race and how grandfather gets better. Is the author done writing? I wish he would write Stone Fox 2 so there would be a happy ending and my friends and I wouldn't have to cry.

Casey, age 10, Rhode Island USA

I loved the book Stone Fox. It was very emotional at the end of the book. I cried. I loved the part when Willie entered Searchlight in the race. Stone fox was one of my favorite books! I love dogs. I have a German Shepherd mix dog. My favorite character was Searchlight. It was great how she was so determined to win the race.

Zakuro, Age 9, California USA

This is a truly amazing book. A boy named Willy has to save his grandfather by entering a dog race. But in the dog race, he has a great opponent - Stone Fox. Stone Fox is a Indian that got chased off by other people. While entering the dog race, Willy was so close to winning when, his dog Searchlight,...(OOPS, you'll have to read this part yourself!). Stone Fox was so sorry for him, that, he got a pistol (a gun) and fired it in the air, not letting the other racers...(OOPS, you'll have to read this part yourself!).

Olga, age 13, Ontario, Canada

I think that this was an amazing book. It is a truly touching story of a boy's efforts to help his Grandfather. I say this for several reasons. I am a great believer in the fact that kids can do anything grownups can. This book is a perfect example of that.

I am also a firm believer in the saying, a dog is a man's best friend. Searchlight was more than just a dog to Willie.

The book was also very interesting. It gives you a bit of an insider's view on what it is like to live on a farm; the hard work, extra effort, and that it is NOT just fun and games.

One of my favourite parts of Stone Fox was during the race. It was amazing to see how a total stranger reached out to help Willie.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a sad, touching story. Stone Fox is definitely one of the best books I've ever read. On a scale of one to ten, Stone Fox rates 8 and up. I loved this book so much that I ended up purchasing my own copy! I have read it at least 20 times!! It is a totally awesome book.

Aubrey, age 11, Arizona USA

I liked this story called Stone fox. This story is very important because if little Willy doesn't pay the bills they will lose the farm. So Little Willy enters a national dog sled race with his dog Searchlight. I like this story because it is a very, very good book and also because...(OOPS, you'll have to read this part yourself!).

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Samantha, age 10, Canada

I loved this book because it shows what a dog and its owner can do to make a difference. I really liked the part when Stone Fox helped little Willy. It shows that how you treat someone is how they treat you (uh...sometimes). But it was a great book overall how Willy works to save Grandfather's life. On a scale 1-10 stars I would give this book 15 stars.

Deja, age 13, Kansas USA

I loved this book because Willy never gave up on what he was determined to do. I would say my favorite part is when Stone Fox helps Willy. My least favorite part was when Searchlight gets hurt.I loved it if you havent read it I definitly suggest it!

Erin, age 13, California USA

I read this book in third grade and thought it was dumb. Why? It was, basically, a wannabe good dog story, and it wasn't! It was too short, fast-paced, and the author tried to make it look sad and good in the end. It had no meaning, no hard-edge, no real golden color to it (if you know what I mean) and I really disliked the parts where little Willy did all these things to make money because the author made it so darn fast! And the part at the end? It's really stupid. The story was all wrong and I would not recommend it!

Paige, Age 7, Vermont USA

I like the book because Willy enters the race and does good. I did not like the part when Searchlight...(OOPS, you'll have to read this part yourself!). I like the part when Stone Fox finally talked. I hope you like the book, I really did.

Miss Foutz's Class, ages 8 and 9, Indiana

We felt that Stone Fox was one of the best stories we ever read. We liked the story, because it was happy, sad, and exciting! We liked the part when Searchlight and Willy were going faster and faster and getting closer to the finish line. We also liked the ending when Stone Fox drew a line in the snow, so noone else would cross before them. We had a question...Why was it called Stone Fox and not Searchlight?

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Allison, age 9, Pennsylvania USA

I liked the book, Stone Fox, because Searchlight and Willie never gave up in the dogsled race -- or did Searchlight give up? Find out from this adventurous book if Searchlight gave up or not. Read this excellent book and you'll find out.

Taylor, age 9, Massachusetts USA

I thought the book was good and very sad. I thought it was good because it is telling kids that you should take care of your pets and love them. I though it was sad because Searchlight's ...(OOPS, you'll have to read this part yourself!). I cried. I know what it is like. My favorite part of the book was when Grandfather had the strength to look out the window. It showed that Grandfather really cared for Little Willy.

Shannon, age 9, Illinois USA

I think it was sad in the end of the book.You will have to read it to find out what the sad ending is. I cried.

Chantera, age 11, Maryland, USA

I think the book Stone Fox was an excellent book because Little Willie helped Grandfather by harvesting the potatoes, and by...(OOPS, you'll have to read the ending yourself!). Little Willie used his manners. In summary, this is why I like the story of Stone Fox.

Claire, age 8, Wisconsin USA

I think it was interesting how Little Willy took care of grandfather and harvested the potatoes. My favorite character was Searchlight because she is a smart, friendly dog. I think that Little Willy was smart to enter the race because he knew Searchlight was a fast dog and he had a chance of winning. I recommend this book.

Michael, age 8, Wisconsin USA

I liked Stone Fox, it was good when little Willy ...(OOPS, you'll have to read the ending yourself!) .The characters are Little Willy, Grandfather, Mr. Synder and Stone Fox.

Megan, age 9, Wisconsin USA

The book "Stone Fox" is a very good book. I think other kids would like this book because it is a very interesting story and it has a surprise ending. Grandpa got very sick and Doc Smith came to little Willy and said he might die. Little Willy did a lot of work around the farm. Clifford Snyder said to little Willy, "You have to pay 500 dollars for taxes. Little Willy did not know what to do so he took 10 $5 coins out of the bank and wanted to enter a race.

Becka, age 9, Wisconsin USA

Stone Fox was a good book. It was sad in some parts and happy in other parts of the book. My favorite characters were Little Willy and Searchlight. Willy had to work, but he did his best. Well, that's all I can tell you. It was the best book in the world! So read this book.

Katelynn, age 18, Maine USA

When I was in third grade I read that book with Mrs. Labbe. We read all at once with each other. I thought it was emotional at the end when the.......(OOPS you have to read the book yourself). That was a good idea for the race. Where did you think they would go if the people had to take the farm?

Cassidy, age 14, Washington USA

Wow! What a great book. It's a story that warmed my heart. They made Stone Fox look kind of mean, but I think he was probably nice most of the time. I cried.

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Sheena, age 11, North Carolina USA

I think this is a very emotional and sad book. We read this book in fifth grade reading groups and I read the book seven times. Now I am in middle school and competing in the Battle of the Books and I chose to read it again. I can't get enough of it. My friend she was in my reading group in my elementary school and it was so sad when she read the ending to her mom, they both couldn't stop crying for five whole minutes. It was very touching and motivational. I hope it teaches all the people to never give up and always find hope even in the most terrible and devastating positions.

Jessica, age 9, Washington USA

I think that Stone Fox is a cool book. It tells you now hard it can be to do the Iditarod, and Little Willy tries very hard to do good in the story.

Amanda, age 9, Ohio USA

Stone Fox was a great book. I liked it because Little Willy is a good boy and even if he needed help, he would not take it unless he could pay. I also really liked the end. It was sad...but I am not going to tell what happens even if it was good. Everyone should read Stone Fox.

Alyssa, age 13, Kuwait

I don't remember that much of the book (I last read it when I was 11) so I'll just try my best. Dogs are not my favorite animals but after reading Stone Fox I like them MUCH better! I think It's a very touching story and that other people should read it.

Jackie, age 10, Pennsylvania USA

Stone Fox was an okay book. It was not really exciting though. It was nice what the boy did though. I really don't read books, but my teacher made us. It was kind of boring. I kind of liked it.

Sammi, age 10, Michigan USA

This was a great book! It was very emotional, sad, happy, and weird at some points. My teacher read this to us and then we saw the movie. They were both great, but the movie was a little different. I liked the book better! For anyone who wants to read this book, you should!

Jeremy, age 13, New York USA

I think this book was great. I liked reading this book and I usually don't like books.

Ms. T's Class, age 9, Illinois, USA

We liked Stone Fox because it taught us never to give up. Little Willy fought to save the farm and to make his grandfather well again. We guess you will just have to read the book to find out how. We will give you just a little hint...A dog is involved. Have fun reading the book! We did! :)

Holly, age 12, Kentucky USA

I like this book and I don't. I do because it has animals in it and it tries to tell you that people give up things they have to help others. It tells you that you can reach goals you thought were impossible. I don't because...well, you'll have to read the end of the story to find out why I don't like it. Okay. I'll give you a hint. It has something to do with the dog.

Stephen, age 9, California USA

I think Stone Fox was very good because it teaches an important lesson about being unselfish and caring about others.




Ashley, age 14, Wisconsin USA

Stone Fox was a awesome book. I was a little sad because of what happened in the end but you will have to read the book if you want to know what happens.

Dominic, age 11, Maryland USA

The thing I liked about Stone Fox was how Willy tried to raise the money to pay for the farm. Another reason that I liked Stone Fox is because when his grandfather was sick, he helped. I think Searchlight was a good dog. Willy will miss him.

Dwayne, age 10, Maryland USA

I like the book Stone Fox because of the sled race when Willie and Stone Fox were racing. Willie's dog, Searchlight...(oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!) . It made me think that this book was real. Also I like this book because Little Willie was hard working and never gave up. I also like this book because Little Willie...(oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!) . These are the reasons why I like Stone Fox.

Lawrence, age 11, Maryland USA

I think the book Stone Fox was awesome! I think Searchlight should not have ...(OOPS, you'll have to read the ending yourself!). It was so sad. Stone Fox is wicked. He should not judge people by their ways. I'm sorry Searchlight...(OOPS, you'll have to read the ending yourself!). The ending should have been happy. Also, I liked the part when grandfather was cheering for Little Willie and Searchlight, then when Little Willie and Searchlight helped grandfather. Finally the best part was Little Willie...(oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!) .

LaTasha, age 11, Maryland USA

I think Stone Fox was an exciting book. My favorite part was when Little Willie saw Grandfather through the window. Afterwards Stone Fox was a kind and strong man. Finally, the characters I like the most are Little Willie and Searchlight because they were brave and strong.

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Dominique, age 9, Hawaii USA

I think this book was a very sad book.Willie is so brave to enter the race
against Stone Fox.The ending was so sad that I cried and my teacher cried, too,
when she read this book. I know how Willie felt when...oops you'll have to read
this book to find out! I liked this book so much that I bought one copy for me
and another one for my friends.I read this book for about a billion times and
never stopped reading it. I bet if you haven't read this book yet, you'll love it
once you read it.

Becca, age 8

I like this book because I like dogs and dog races. I have a dog, too.

Meagan, age 8, Colorado USA

I loved this book. It was very sad. It was about a boy named Willie who entered in a dog sled race. It was sad when...(oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!). I cried because it was so sad. It was nice of Stone fox to give little Willie one of his...(oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!). I think that it was a sad, but happy book.

Kevin, age 10, USA

I give it on a scale from 1 to 10, a 5. It was great, but the ending could
use some work. It is basically a cliff hanger, but don't take my word for it.
Read it!

Stacey, age 10, Alabama USA

I loved the book! I liked it so much that I went out and spent all of my
allowance from that month and bought the book Stone Fox. I want to give
you a summary of the book. There is this boy and his grandpa who live on a
potato farm in Idaho. The boy's grandpa has a stroke and can't talk. The boy is
left in charge of the farm but the boy is only about 11 or 12 so he is not sure
of the choice he makes. And they owe some money on the farm and the boy does
not have a enough (they also have some cows) so the boy has to sell half of the
herd. The boy still has to find a way to pay for the farm. So a dog sled race
comes to town and something terrible happens...(oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!).

Sara, age 12, North Dakota USA

It was very touching. I liked how at the end he ...(oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!).
I liked the idea of why he raced.The lead dog reminded me a lot of my dog,
Sampson. I looked forward to reading it when I saw it.The book was way better
than the movie :)


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