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by Phyllis Naylor

'Shiloh' is about a young boy who finds a Beagle that has been abused.

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Updated 5/9/09

Book reportNew storyAngela, age 13, California USA

This book is good because Marty never gave up trying to earn Shiloh. He was willing to do anything for Shiloh. What I don't like is when Judd abuses Shiloh, and when poor, meek Shiloh gets attacked by that German Shepherd. Overall, I would recommend this book for every child.

Book reportNew storyJulia, age 8, Idaho USA

I really liked the book called Shiloh because it has lots of motion. when Marty finds Shiloh and Judd claims it, I got really sad because in the book I have heard that Judd doesn't treat his dogs nice so the dogs became really mean. Judd wanted it back when he found out that Marty had the dog. But Marty wouldn't let Shiloh go back to Judd because Shiloh ran away only because Judd abused it. I am looking forward to reading more of Phyllis Naylor's books.

Book reportBillieJean, age 13, New Jersey USA

I liked this book because it pulled me in, and it's important to know why. I like this book because I like it for its enthusiasm. I didn't like the part when Judd beat Shiloh, and my favorite part was when Marty saved Shiloh. My opinion of the book was that it was a very cute book, and I was so sad when Shiloh had gotten beaten. I would tell the ending, but I don't want any kids cheating on homework, lol.

Best storyBook reportNew storyDave, age 13, New Jersey USA

I really enjoyed this book. I like it because the author makes you feel happy, sad, mad, and makes you laugh and want to cry. The best part is when Marty works to get Shiloh back and does later in the book. He worked so hard for Shiloh and deserved him. The worst part is when the other dog attacked Shiloh.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes dogs. This book kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading. I liked how the author wrote in the way people would think. This is an important book because it teaches people about how animals need a chance and that if an animal or someone is being hurt then you should do something to stop it.

I think the author could have been a little clearer about Shiloh's past, although I did get it, other people might not. I don't think animals should be abused because every living thing has a right to be respected because everything on Earth has a reason for living.

Dave also wrote a book report for Shiloh. Check it out!

Best storyBook reportNew storyGlyssa, age 11, Philippines

I really liked the story of Shiloh. I liked this book because the story is about a young boy and a Beagle who love each other very much. I know that if you love your pet, he too will give it back to you. What I don't like is the inhumane treatment of Judd to Shiloh. Although he is a dog, he should be treated like a human. He always hurt Shiloh, which made Shiloh afraid of Judd. It made my heart break into pieces because no dog deserves to be treated like that of Shiloh.

Best storyBook reportNew storyJoy, age 14, Canada

I really liked the story Shiloh. I liked the movie too! I liked this book because it tells the story of a young boy and a Beagle who love each other immensely, but can't be together, and after a change in heart, Judd Travers (Oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!). My least favorite part of the story is when Judd hits Shiloh over the head with a gun. Also, I didn't like when Judd kicked the poor dog. It made my heart break into two single pieces because no dog deserves to be treated like that.

Book report Holly, age 10, Arizona, USA

Yes, I really liked this book. My teacher recommended it. The reason why is because it has info about how dogs may act if they are abused. The part I didn't like was when Shiloh was attacked by the German Shepherd.

Best storyBook report Michael, age 10, California USA

I like this story because I love dogs, especially Beagles. My favorite part is when Marty talks back to Judd Travers and threatens to tell the game warden that he shot a doe out of season, and Judd says that if Marty works for him for 20 hours he'll let him have Shiloh. My least favorite part is when Judd chains Shiloh up. I also so like this book because of the nice pictures and how they look. After I read this book I wanted to see Shiloh for myself. If you like dogs I would recommend this book.

Jake, age 11, Texas USA

I really enjoyed this book. I like it because the author makes you feel happy, sad, mad, and makes you laugh and want to cry. My favorite part is when Marty takes Shiloh for a run in the hills. The worst part is when the German Shepherd attacked shiloh. I recommend this book to anyone who likes dogs!

Tracie, age 9, Oregon USA

This book was super! I was touched because the words were lovingly written on the paper. Why I love this book is because it involves kindness and friendship. I hate it when the poor dog gets locked up in a cage. But he finally gets a home.

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Nikki, age 13, Georgia USA

I liked this book a lot. It was very interesting. It teaches you a story. It's an important book because it tells you that dogs need a chance, too. It tells you that if an animal is hurt or being hurt, you should try to do something about it.

My favorite part was when Marty got Shiloh because he had been trying so hard and he finally got him. But I had parts I hated, too, like when Shiloh got attacked and almost died. Or when Judd locked him up, it was so sad, it made me cry. But then it turned happy again.

Ii love to read books like this because I love animals, so everyone should read this book. I think they would love it.

Raquel, age 13, Illinois USA

I loved this book because it ends so wonderfully. It was sad that Shiloh was abused and when he got attacked by the wolf, I almost stopped reading it because I didn't want to read that he died after all Marty did for him, but I'm glad I finished it or I wouldn't have read the ending.

Olga, age 13, Ontario, Canada

I remember reading the book Shiloh a couple of years ago. The author did a really good job of writing the story, but I didn't really get it. There was quite a bit of detail, but it wasn't until I read other summaries of the book that I found out that Shiloh was abused. I always thought that he had just run away from Judd. In other words, I didn't really like the book.

The thing I liked about Shiloh was his loyalty to Marty. Like I mentioned, I didn't really like how that author was rather unclear about Shiloh's past. I recommend this book for more advanced readers. I read it a few years ago and I didn't really get it. I'm sure that if I read it now I would understand it better.

Tiffany, age 13, Arizona USA

Shiloh was one of the most touching stories I've ever read...I loved it! It makes me want to save all animal kind! =( I hate it when people abuse animals like that...It's just wrong. Every living thing has a right to be respected, because everything was put on this earth for a reason. Some were made for food, some were made for hunting, and some were just made to be man's the dog. People who own a dog and treat them wrong don't deserve to be called their 'owner' (AKA Judd...)!

I think this story tells the readers that all animals deserve to be treated right, just like humans do. Sure, dogs are lower than humans...But it doesn't mean they deserve to be abused! It just makes me so...infuriated!

I loved that part when Shiloh was so...friendly to Marty. It's hard to explain their relationship. It's like light and darkness! No one can live without the other, and I think that's the kind of relationship they share. I'll always love this book!

Sam, age 13, Virginia USA

It was great. I loved it. It was so moving. The part that I don't like is when Shiloh gets in a fight with the wolf. Poor Shiloh. I liked how the dog followed Marty around.

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Anonymous, age 12, Ohio USA

I loved the book Shiloh. I loved this book because it made me feel like there really are animals out there that are beaten and even beaten to death! Oh god, I could even cry about it! Animals like Shiloh are beaten just as often as any other animal would be. It help readers understand that the animal abuse in this book IS POSSIBLE and it make readers want to help animals.

I also liked this book because when I read it, it made my feelings switch on and off. I feel good, happy, joyful, sad, angry, blue, and even sick to my stomach. One last reason why I liked this book is that it had a magical ending. After all of my changing feelings... my feelings stopped switching and ended up landing on a joyful, magical ending.

The part I didn't like was when the man was saying stuff like he could do whatever he wanted to, to Shiloh since it was his property. It made me want to enter this book and tear Judd apart!!!! Grrrr! Anyway, I am happy with this book and I give compliments to the author.

Jennifer, age 9, British Columbia, Canada

I loved Shiloh! It was the best book I have ever read! Shiloh is so cute. I liked the book because some of the things can really happen. I also liked the book because it has sad parts and happy parts that made me feel good. My favorite part was when Marty and Shiloh played together in the field. I didn't like the part when the dog bit Shiloh. I think other kids should read it too. I really liked Shiloh!

Emma, age 10, North Carolina USA

I love this book because it's a great story about how even though dogs don't communicate the same way you do, sometimes they can be your best friend. I liked the way Marty looked after Shiloh just like a little brother or sister. It's sad the way Judd abused Shiloh because no one should pick on anything just because they can. :(

Alona, Age 12, Canada

Shiloh is one of the best books I have ever read. Two thumbs up for Phyllis Naylor!!!!! I thank him for giving me and all you readers the opportunity to read such a touching book.

I loved this book because it taught you a very important lesson in life. It taught that not everyone is kind and nice. But I am upset that what it didn't get across (though it did happen in the third book of the trilogy) is that with a lot of hard work and strong will, you can change a person, and make them realize what they did was wrong.

I was on the edge of my seat during the part where the sheepdog got Shiloh. I was praying for him to be alright, and not get in the clutches of Judd! I would recommend this book to EVERYONE, especially dog lovers, which I'm sure if your on this site you are! G'bye!

Demi, age 13, Wyoming USA

I Love this book! Have read it many times. I love dogs and have three of my own so this book gave me thoughts of how to treat my dog . You should treat you dog with tender loving care and you have to watch puppies closely. I love this book because you learn a lot and you learn that people are kind to animals, not all are mean. The part I didn't like in this book was when the sheepdog got Shiloh. I really cried at that part. My absolute favorite part of this book was when Marty (Oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!).

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Brandi, age 13, Canada, AB

When I read Shiloh it had a very strong and powerful impact on and in my life! Phyllis Naylor is amazing to write such an amazing book! I recommend this book to anyone anywhere! I love this book cause it's reality, animals get beaten everyday, and Marty had helped a dog named Shiloh who was beaten by a cold-hearted man named Judd! Judd should be punished and put to jail! God made dogs to be our companion, he never once put them on earth so they could be beaten! It is sad and touching, if you like fairytale endings I'm sure you will love this ending! This book has a great start to it, the initial incident is perfect and isn't hard to make it out! The climax and solution are easy and fun to understand! Do not beat your animals like Judd did, don't be cold-hearted. Go to your dog or any sort of animal and touch it with love not hurt! Never give up for an incredible animal that is depending on you, like Marty! Once again I love this book because it teaches us humans how animals deserve to be treated, and if you beat a dog, it will not be happy for you in the end, but it will end up being happy for the dog who is being save by a courageous human! NEVER SAY NEVER TO A DOG WHO NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!

Rebecca, age 14, Queensland Australia

I think Shiloh makes every one want to fight for what's right, animals deserve our love and we should give it to them. They depend on us and Shiloh really showed how much kids love dogs! I loved the book.

Cayla, age 11, New York, USA

I LOVE Shiloh! The book is a wonderful children's book, and deserved the award it got! It was sad when the German Shepherd came and tore Shiloh up, and it was funny when Marty thought maybe Shiloh was a girl. I've seen both movies, SHILOH and SHILOH: SHILOH SEASON, > and read all three books. In my opinion, Saving Shiloh is the best book in the Shiloh trilogy. I would highly recommend the book to anyone who can read!

Nikita, age 11, Ontario Canada

I like this book because the author used many descriptive words to describe a scene, person, place or thing. I liked the way he made each part of the book make you feel as though it was really happening and you were watching it. I was really happy that Marty was determined to get that dog, and was not one of those people who gave up easily. I would give this book a five star rating and definitely recommend it to my friends.

Seline, age 14, Seoul, South Korea

I like this book because it's very interesting. It's interesting because the author uses very descriptive words and it's got a good beginning, middle, and end, also a solution! I love this book very much. I first read it in school, when we had book club at school!

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Brandon, age 13, California USA

I loved this book because it is about a boy who falls in love with a dog. He fights for the dog. The dog's owner is a mean old man. He kills animals out of season. Another reason I liked the book is because I have a beagle and I love that dog so much.

Rene, age 16, Ohio USA

I really liked the book. I liked it for many reasons. One of the reasons was because even though it was sad, it had a bright side to it. I thought that it "kept you on the edge of your seat" , too.

Jessi, age 13, Kentucky USA

I loved Shiloh. It inspired everyone who read it to try harder for what you really want and that animal abuse is always wrong. It told us that even the poorest person has everything he needs in this dog. The book also shows us that in the end love will conquer all and that no matter how hateful you are it is hard to come between a child and their dog because that bond will always be there and no one could break that bond, I know.

Jessica, age 13, Kentucky USA

I think Shiloh was a great book because it taught people never to give up on what you want, no matter how impossible it may seem. I also think that Shiloh was a good lesson that people are still really good at heart, no matter what they do. It is something that is not just good, it's a lesson in disguise.

Jeni, age 13, Michigan USA

I think the book Shiloh was a great book. This book shows that not all people love dogs as much as we do and that with a little love and passions that even an abused dog can learn to love and trust again. And I think that is what the author was trying to state.

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Valerie, age 11, Illinois USA

I think Shiloh is very good book because 1. Beagles are my favorite type of dog. 2. It is a wonderful book. 3. It is very exciting to read. 4. The author doesn't tell you or give you any hints of what's going to happen. 5. It's very touching. 6. Shiloh sounds like the cutest dog ever. 7. It teaches you what could happen if you don`t treat a dog properly and finally, 8. Well you can read it yourself and you can find out what happens yourself. That is why I love the book Shiloh.

Stacey, age 13, Auckland, New Zealand

I loved Shiloh because it encourages children to take care of their pets. It teaches them that pets are also living things, not toys to play with. It creates an enthusiasm to do things to help abused animals. That is EXCELLENT, because there are thousands of abused animals scattered all over the world, waiting to be rescued from their lives of gloom and toil.

Chelsea, age 13, Ontario Canada

I just loved the book Shiloh. It made me realize how smart a dog can be for trusting other people after being abused for so long. I hated Judd for abusing Shiloh. He was so harmless and cute. How can anybody want to abuse something so sweet and precious? If I ever see anybody abusing an animal they'd better run.

Christy, age 10, Texas USA

I loved the book SHILOH. I didn't like when Marty's dad said he couldn't keep him. Judd had no right kicking and hitting Shiloh over the head with his gun. The author wrote a very good book about how an eleven year old boy had the courage and hope that helped him believe that he could save Shiloh. I have a dog named Shiloh and he's a beagle and I know that if he was in danger I would have the hope to save him.

Ryan, age 14, California USA

I love Shiloh so much, he makes me feel all warm and toasty inside whenever I read this book! That Judd is just so mean to him. I wish I could have a sweet doggie like Shiloh. Shiloh is just a super dog!!

Kayla, age 10, Florida USA

I think it's a great book, but I don't like the sound of dogs getting abused. I have this opinion because I love animals.

Laurel, age 11, Pennsylvania USA

I like the book Shiloh because the author, Phyllis, uses so many descriptive words to describe the actions in the story, and at all times I had a picture of what was going on in the part of the story I was reading about. I felt so scared during the part when the German shepherd attacked Shiloh. It was so intense it actually seemed real! I liked the way that the story showed people around the world what an eleven year old boy can accomplish.

Another reason I think I liked the story is because I can really relate to what Marty feels like since I'm 11, too. I was so amazed by how much determination Marty showed to try to get Shiloh. But, you guys will have to read the book to see if he gets him! I really recommend it, too. It is a REALLY good book, and I think it will really interest you.

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Brittany, age 13, Florida USA

I like Shiloh because it shows how one 10 year old boy can care for a dog that is not his. I like the part when Marty... (Oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!). He worked a lot and it all paid of at the end.

Barrett, age 13, New Jersey USA

I think this book is so good because it's about a dog and it is sad when the dog gets a beating at his owner Judd. Well that's what I think.

Danielle, age 14, USA

I liked the book a lot. The author showed the real way that some people treat their dog and that they don't care about their animals. He also shows how some people are willing to rescue the animal so it can have a better home.

Jenni, age 12, Illinois USA

This was a great book even though I didn't like the ending - it was too sad for me.

Tory, age 13, Ontario Canada

I really thought the book Shiloh was very interesting because I really love dog books. This book showed me the importance of being a good dog owner. It disgusts me to see dogs that are abused!! I would be so sad if my 2 month old Golden Retriever, Buddy, was hurt.

Paula, age 15, Connecticut USA

I liked this book because it tells about a boy and his dog that share a great relationship between each other and help each other through tough times. Shiloh really touched my heart.

Catherine, age 8, New Jersey USA

I think this book is terrific because it shows how a dog can be a friend to a human. Another reason this is a good book is that it shows how much courage an 11-year-old-boy can have. Marty was very brave because he stood up to the mean grown-up that was abusing Shiloh. I hope you enjoy this book.

Sarah, age 13, Connecticut USA

I thought this book was very good. I liked it because Shiloh is a very reliable dog and he is very kind.

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Ellen, age 11, Alabama USA

I liked this book because the boy, Marty, never gave up at trying to convince Judd to give Shiloh to him.

Nicole, age 13, Maryland USA!

I personally think that Shiloh is a wonderful book. It shows that anybody can fall in love with a dog. I thought it was mean of Judd to abuse Shiloh- it almost put me in tears. I think that Marty earned the right to keep Shiloh. That is why I think everyone should read the book Shiloh. I give the book two thumbs up. :)

Vanessa, age 12, Georgia USA

I liked the book a lot because my Beagle is almost like Shiloh , only she is very possessive. In the book it was sad, happy, and even a little thrilling. I liked it and that's final!

Sammi, age 14, Quenzi, Bahamas

I think the book was awesome! It was really sad though!

Teri, age 11, BC Canada

I thought this was an awesome book because it has very descriptive text, and I could see in my mind all the scenes. I love the way one young boy fought so hard to save a needy dog. That shows true love for your dog. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Hope, age 13, South Carolina USA

I think that this book was great. It was sad, but the ending turned out to be so happy.

Georgina, age 14, Australia

I really liked this book because the boy found the abused Beagle and took it into his life and looked after the dog. Judd, the beagle's real owner didn't care for Shiloh. The boy never gave up hope and continued to work for Shiloh, even after Judd told him that he wasn't going to give him Shiloh, Marty worked all of the agreement but Judd still didn't give him Shiloh. This story is sad.

Morgan, age 9

I think it was a good Book! She gave a ton of detail. Read it yourself! I'm not telling you the book!

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Ellen, age 11, Alabama USA

I liked this book because the boy, Marty, never gave up at trying to convince Judd to give Shiloh to him.

Kristy, age 13, Canada

The story is amazing because it was about a dog and I just love anything about dogs (especially if they are very cute like the one in the story! I would love to have a dog like the one in the story!!! :-)

Jessica, age 14, Alabama USA

I really liked this book because it was very well written, and it had a great sentimental touch. I always liked dogs,and Shiloh sort of reminds me of one I used to have. He was abused, we had found him, but we didn't end up with someone who was abusive and cruel in the story. Anyway, I think Shiloh is a very good book for all.

Ognjen, age 6

I love Shiloh because he is a dog and I love dogs.

Chelsea, age 10, Texas USA

I like this book. It was sad in a happy way (it makes no sense, but you'll understand it when you read it). It has a good ending and point to it. It sets a good example for kids.

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