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Santa Paws

by Nicholas Edwards

A homeless puppy does brave and daring acts
and earns the love of an adoptive family who names him Santa Paws.

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Updated 5/06/09

little bookAnonymous, age 11, New Jersey, USA

I really loved the book, Santa Paws, because it uses great detail.
I am a huge dog lover and it makes me sad to think that he was so
afraid! In this book, Santa Paws, a young puppy, is alone in the town
of Oceanport at Christmastime. He is hungry and cold, but playful and
heroic as well. He wins the heart of Gregory, 11, and Patricia, 12,
who try to catch him and make him their pet after the family collie,
Marty, dies. Eventually, he is able to be caught after he gets hurt
performing a rescue! Read this book! I loved it!!! 10 out of 10,
two thumbs up to Nicholas Edwards!

booknewTaylor, age 14, Canada

I have read every Santa Paws book there is.
The best one that I have ever read would have to be
Santa Paws and the New Puppy. It was heartwarming
and beautiful. My teacher doesn't want me reading them anymore
because she said they're not challenging enough. But
I don't care what she says,
Santa Paws is challenging
enough and I'm not going to stop reading the best books ever.

James, age 8, Massachusetts USA

I think the book was great. Because it was really, really
suspenseful. I think the plane crash was the most
suspenseful part! I plan to read the whole series.
I hope Nicholas Edwards k
eeps writing.

Sarah, age 7, Ontario Canada

Really, really, really good. When he got lost and woke up his mom & dad were not there.

Kristina, age 14, Massachusetts USA

I loved all three Santa Paws series. I loved them because they were interesting and I love dogs.

Monique, age 14, California

It was a great book. I got it from my teacher at a party in class. I think it's great because a dog saving people and helping, too. Wow and it can't even understand what the people are saying. If you haven't read this book read it. It's amazing.

Erik, age 13, Washington USA

This book was a very good book. It made me very sad because he was all alone with no food or anything. I liked how he did some heroic things to get his nickname "SANTA PAWS".

Kelsey, age 10, Washington USA

I have read the first book and Santa Paws to the Rescue, which is about Santa Paws and his cat friends, Evelyn and Abigail. I really like Santa Paws because he's nice and very courageous, especially when he helps a blind girl find her wallet in the first book.

Maria, age 14, Saskatchewan Canada

I love these books! I have read 4 Santa Paws books and I want to read them all!! I read: Santa Paws (The first one), The Return of Santa Paws (the second book), Santa Paws Come Home (the third one) and the fourth one with Santa Paws and this black cat but I forget what it's called. I love them all!!!

Carli, age 14, Ohio USA

I loved the book Santa Paws and I am sure you would to if you read it! I loved the book because I love dogs! Santa Paws is a good book but it is sad at the same time! If you don't like sad books about dogs then this isn't a good book for you.


Leah, age 8, Texas USA

Santa Paws is a good book. It is enjoyable for the whole family. I shared my book with my friend Bryn and now she reads Santa Paws books every day. Dogs are my favorite animal and Santa Paws touches my heart. The first one I read was the return of Santa Paws. I liked when they crashed in the plane and struggled to get free. I wanted to ask Mr. Edwards how he came up with the book.

Rene, age 13, USA

I loved the book! It was a sad story, poor little puppy. If you like animals, I highly recommend it.

Caitlin, age 13, Ontario Canada

Santa Paws is a book about an orphan puppy who is forced to survive on his own in a small town called Oceanport after his mother and brothers and sisters abandon him. Actually they got caught by Charlie, the Oceanport animal control officer, and are now with good families. The story takes place at Christmas time and the orphan puppy has to try to find food, water and a warm place to sleep. He has many great adventures and experiences. Some even lifesaving! He wins the heart of a 11 year old boy, Gregory, and his 12 year old sister, Patricia.

Throughout the book they try to catch him and bring him home and keep him, but they keep missing each other. He gets the name Santa Paws by the Oceanport postman when he found him sleeping in Santa's sleigh at the local shopping mall. At the end of the book, it is Christmas Day and the dog waddles into the church (after being in a dog fight) and Gregory takes him home. I really like this story a lot. It's very touching, but also very depressing. No animal should have to go through what Santa Paws/Nicholas did. But so many do. Most of them do get a happily ever after!

Olivia, age 10, British Columbia Canada

I really like this book because it makes you want to know more. It has very exciting mysteries.

Catherine, age 14, California USA

I love this book. But it's really sad that he was homeless and had nowhere to go. I love the ending because it's great he (Oops!, you'll have to read the ending yourself!). I recommend this book to all ages. I would LOVE to read other books also by Nicholas Edwards. So ENJOY IT! :)


Vivian, age 15, California USA

I like this book because I like to see animals, but not always in this book. It has a moral.

Shaun, age 13, Colorado USA

I really enjoyed the book! I think it was one of the best books I have ever read. Please read the book some time. BEST BOOK EVER!

Anonymous, age 13, Colorado USA

This book is about a dog with no home. His mom left one night when he was sleeping. At that point he was just a little puppy. He usually got food from his mom. But now he had to find food by himself. It was around Christmas so it was really cold and he had no place to go. But then he meets two kids named Gregory and Patricia. Then they start giving him food and other thing to eat. Patricia asked her mom if they could take him home but her mom says no at first. Then Santa Paws (the dog) starts saving peoples lives! Find out what happens next! REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD BOOK!

Sam, age 13, Illinois USA

I didn't really like this book. It's not that it was written bad, it's just because I can't stand when animals don't have homes or are abused. It makes me really sad.

Melissa, age 13, Georgia USA

I really enjoyed reading this book! It was excellent! I liked it because I found it very exciting and it was like a mystery to find out what was going to happen next in the book!

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Iriana, age 9, New Zealand

I liked this book because it is sad, scary, and the dog is really poor with no home to go to. It makes me sad because he spent all his time thinking of other people and not himself. I want to read some more books written by Nicholas Edwards.

Catherine, age 10, Auckland New Zealand

Hello all you dog fans! Most of you have come to this site because you have read this book. Well I think that people that have not read this book should come to this site, too, because it means that more people will hear, read and enjoy the book Santa Paws. I enjoy this book because:
1. It is about dogs
2. Because it tells a story about a dog that needs a home and this book will help prevent what happened to Santa Paws from happening.
3. Because I would rate it 10 out of 10! Thank you!

Holly, age 12, Kentucky USA

I like this book because it has a dog that had about the same puppyhood as my dog. She was lost and abandoned as a puppy and then was rescued by us. That is only half why I like this book though. I also like this book was kind of sad that he (the puppy) didn't trust people. He only trusted people who were feeding him or playing with him. I thought this book was cute because he kept saving people, then running away from the police and other people trying to catch him. But I would recommend this book to anyone who is a dog lover. As the book said on the cover, "Two Paws up!" I loved this book. It was my favorite book this century!

Amanda, age 14, Wisconsin USA

I loved this book because it was a cute, fast-paced book, very easy to read.
I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves dogs and happy endings.

Laura, age 11, Nebraska USA

I loved it! I really liked when Santa Paws started to save people. I would
love to have a dog which saved people!

Alyssa, age 10, Virginia USA

I think it is a good book to read because Santa Paws is a dog who helps
people. I also like it because at the end Santa Paws
...(oops, you'll have to read the ending yourself!).

Cathy, age 9, Auckland, New Zealand

I loved this book.It made me feel as if everyone should have a dog. I think
that all people should read this book! My favourite part was at the end
because it was a happy ending! I think that Santa Paws is a great name and
I also think that they should have a series of these books and that the next
one should be called Easter Paws the 2nd book of the dog lovers series!

Mary, age 9, Washington USA

I thought this book was really good and I liked it a lot! When I read this
book, it made me so sad for the puppy, that I went up and asked my Mom
if I could adopt a puppy so that their would be one less sad dog in the
world. When I grow up, I plan on finding a way to let every dog have a
good home and a good owner.

Catherine, age 9, Auckland New Zealand

I loved reading Santa Paws!! I got it for Christmas and I loved it!! I found
it so sad when he was alone. I think that all dog lovers should read it and
that I would rate it 10 out of 10!

Katie, age 8, Hamilton New Zealand

It is a very nice book. A few days ago I wanted to get it out from the School
Media center to read it again, but my friend got it out before me.

Erica, age 12, Florida USA

It is a very good book. I think it's very interesting, because the
puppy was named Santa Paws
after Santa Clause. And the puppy was
so cute. I think it was nice of that family to adopt the puppy.

Catherine, age 8, Auckland New Zealand

I liked this book because it is about dogs and it was sad. I am glad that
it had a happy ending and I would rate it 10 out of 10.

Carina, age 10, Ohio

Santa Paws is my favorite book! : ) I like adventures and dogs (of course).
I have two dogs of my own and I wish they were that adventurous!! : ))

Emilee, age 5, Illinois USA

I like this book because it's very cool.And I also like it because I like dogs!

Angel, age 8, Rio Piedras

Is cool. I like it because it is about animals. I have this opinion because it is really neat.

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Siobhan, age 11, Western Australia

I thought Santa Paws was a really excellent book. I felt really sorry for the
puppy but I thought he was very brave. I am glad he got a home and that it
was Santa Paws because I think Santa Paws was really nice! I mean, imagine
if you were the little puppy and you had basically nothing? When I read it I
had a box of tissues next to me. Thank goodness because I have a real soft spot
for dogs considering my mum and dad breed Collies and I have a Dalmatian,
but that is beside the point! I give it 10 out of 10 and a big sob along with it!
Well done, Nicholas Edwards!, great book hey! See ya!

Natalie, Age 12, Maryland USA

I liked the book very much and it just touched my heart and it reminds me
of my puppy and how I got her. The thing I like the most is that the dog
helped people. I hope there will be always books like this one to teach people
that dogs are man best friend and I hope there will always be a person to read
books like this one!

Courtney, age 9, Alberta Canada

I thought the book was really good. There were a lot of good parts in the
story. My favorite part was when he woke up and his family was gone because
it was sort of sad when he was alone.

Katie, age 10, Texas USA

I liked this book, but I'm sure it would have been a whole lot better if the
author had not put in that one part where his family got picked up, and he
was lost and cold. Besides that part, the book was very eventful and exciting.
I liked this book, but because of the few parts that I listed above, I probably
couldn't give it an all star rating. But I would give it an average rating.

Amanda, age 10, Ohio USA

Yes, because it was good!

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Ashley, age 12, North Dakota USA

Santa Paws is the best book that I have ever read because he helps everyone!
I think Santa Paws is much better than the sequel to this book.

KayRose, age 8, Ohio USA

I love it.

Romi, age 8, Manitoba Canada

It is a good book because it was about a dog and the dog is cute.

Arthur, age 8, Manitoba Canada

Santa Paws is a fun book. I like the things that Santa Paws did when he
didn't have a family.

Christina, age 7, California USA

This is a really good book. I got it for Christmas and it was so good that
I am going to read it again. Bye!


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