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book Cody's Book Club

by Beverly Cleary

Lost in a huge shopping mall parking lot during a rainstorm,
the Huggins' dog, Ribsy, mistakenly jumps into the wrong car
and is taken to the home of the wrong family.

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Updated 2/21/08

animated starnewlittle bookCassie, age 14, Indiana USA

This book was so funny! I read it to my younger sister and it turns out, I liked it more than she did! Beverly is such a delightful writer and you just feel like you are there watching Ribsy in the bubble bath. My favorite part was when Ribsy came to the elderly woman's home. I loved the name Rags that she gave him! I loved that part, and I named my cat Rags! Since I've read Ribsy I have been reading other Beverly books. Ribsy was such a wonderful book for ANY audience. Keep up the good work, Bev.

animated starnewlittle book Eilee, age 9, New York USA

I think Ribsy was a good book because he goes to so many places and has many adventures. Ribsy at the football game was funny because you don't usually see dogs at football stadiums. Ribsy in the bubble bath was hilarious, too. It was strange that Mrs. Frawley fed Ribsy things like scrambled eggs and cupcakes. It was funny when she dressed him up, though! Ribsy is the kind of dog I would like to meet.

animated starlittle book Alia, age 6, New York USA

Yes, I LOVED Ribsy very much. It was grand.
I loved it because he was a dog and I love dogs.
And because he saved himself and found his family.
My really favorite part was when he went on the fire escape and got rescued. When he got the crazy bubble bath , I laughed so hard, my mom couldn't believe it!

little book Adamo, age 9, Quebec, Canada

My opinion on this book is that every dog lover should own it because it is a very funny and hilarious book. My favourite part of the book was when Ribsy was chasing the new wagon because it was such a funny scene. I can't wait to read the other books by Beverly Cleary. If I were a producer, I would definetly make a movie about Ribsy!

animated starlittle book Peyton, age 12, Missouri USA

I LOVED the book Ribsy because it was about a dog who had so many adventures! This book has so many emotions in it and made you really think! I thought the funniest part was when the Dingleys tried to give Ribsy a bath. Surprisingly my dog, Cody, has stood completely still during a bath in the tub ever since the day we got him!

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animated starlittle book Reagan, age 9, Texas USA

I love this book by Beverly Cleary! Ribsy is a hilarious character! I like this book because it's so funny and it's about a dog, of course! I liked the part where the Dingleys try to give Ribsy a bath and it turns into a terrible mess! This book is definitely one of my favorites.

animated starlittle book Tori, age 8, Virginia, USA

I loved the book Ribsy! Since I love dogs, I chose to read this book. I was not disappointed, because it was a really great story. Ribsy was a brave, funny, and kind dog. One of my favorite parts was when Ribsy won the football game. How hilarious it was when a dog won a football game. I also liked the part when Ribsy goes to school and wrecks a whole classroom by chasing a squirrel. Ribsy got into trouble a few times, but in the end it turned out OK.

Keisha, age 13, Indiana USA

I think the book Ribsy was really cool. I liked it because I love dogs like you Beverly and I like when people have stuff in common like us! My favorite part was when Ribsy stole the steak from the neighbors. I know a dog can't resist a juicy steak! My favorite book of all times is Fifteen! That book is so awesome. Keep up the good work Beverly.

Nell, age 13, Wisconsin USA

I thought that Ribsy is a fun and unforgettable character in Beverly's books. Since I love animal books and humorous books, I just couldn't miss Ribsy! My favorite plot was when Ribsy stole the steak from Henry's neighbor and what dog couldn't resist to take such a juicy steak? I personally think that if someone wants a great book that can easily catch your attention and you love animals, then the Ribsy books are good for you!

Katie, age 9, Oregon USA

I loved it! I thought it sad when Henry lost Ribsy, but hilarious when Ribsy gets a bath by all the girls. The book is mixed with sadness, happiness, and funniness. I love Beverly Cleary's books! But I like the ones with Ribsy in them most!

Christopher, age 9, Texas USA

I like Ribsy because it is funny, happy, and sad. My favorite adventure was when Ribsy met Mrs. Frawley. I was very happy when ...(Oops! You'll have to read the ending yourself!).

Cimeron, age 12, California USA

Well for a good book I got it at a secondhand store. It's a good book. The ending was exciting where he was on the fire step, so for now on I'm going to get books from Beverly Clearly.

Stefanie, age 13, Georgia USA

The book was fantastic. Cleary really writes with a kid's mind. Ribsy reminds me of one stray my dad brought home I loved it lots, but she still ran away. Not knowing she wouldn't come back now, I have an idea of where she went.

Rachel, age 14, Delaware USA

I loved the book about Ribsy. It proves that dog aren't stupid and have the power to get to you, no matter what obstacle you face.

Sasha, age 7, Colorado USA

I think this book is a great book because I don't know, it's just a good book!

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Stacy, age 10, New York USA

I thought it was a great book and really enjoyed reading it because I love dogs to death.

Asia, age 11, Hawaii USA

I chose this book because it is about a dog. All my friends at school know I like dogs. It's a really good book because it's a cute story.

Jen, age 11, New Hampshire USA

I thought it sounded like a good book and cute to read and I guess I was right because I love animals!

KT, age 12, Missouri USA

I read the book about 6 months ago and like it and all the other Beverly Cleary books. Ribsy is my second favorite of Beverly Cleary books. My favorite is Ramona the Pest.

Rachelle, age 11, California USA

I loved the book a lot. I read it about two months ago. It is sad that the Huggins lose their dog, but I was happy when they...(Oops! You'll have to read the ending yourself!). I love reading!

Cate, age 11, California

I thought this book was great! I even read it four times. I think it was a good book that every child should read.

Rebecca, age 13, USA

I like it. I thought it was a great book about the dog.

Chelsea, age 11, Sydney Australia

I think this book was great! It had a good plot: the plot of a boy meeting
an unusual dog and sharing their adventures with the reader.I loved when
Ribsy steals the roast. My dog did that once. Kids everywhere should have it.

Nikkalass, age 9, Massachusetts USA

It's great because we love dogs!

Chris, Age 12

It's a cool book about a dog.

Jenna, age 9, Kansas USA

I think the book was great! It has a good plot. The plot of a boy meeting
a unusual dog and talking about their adventures is a story that almost no one
can beat! I liked the part where Ribsy stole the steak from the neighbor. That
is one thing that almost any dog would want! It has a good form, something
that you can visualize in your mind. It is a book that every kid should read.

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