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Bulldog with birthday hat on!

balloonHappy Birthday
Our Canine Friends!

A birthday can be a special day for your dog. Although your dog doesn't understand what a birthday is, you can share some special time with him. If your dog was adopted, and you don't know his birthday, don't worry. Make one up and celebrate that day every year.

On his birthday, do something extra for your dog:

Take your dog for a walk.
Read to Your Dog
Play a game of catch with your dog.
Spend extra time brushing your dog.
Take your dog to a special place he enjoys.

Got any other ideas?

 Remember that people food is not good for your dog. You should probably save the birthday cake for yourself and do a special activity with your dog instead. Especially beware of chocolate which can cause your dog to become very ill. 


Do you know on which day of the week your dog was born?
Find your dog's birthdate and click 'Calculate' to find out!

When was your dog born?

Note: You must have Java enabled on your computer for the calculator to work.


birthday cake Having a birthday party for your dog?

Yes, it's a little silly, but it can be fun! Bailey has his cake and is ready to celebrate. Let's party!


Bailey's Birthday

Before the party:

1. Write your guest list.

Make sure you have invited friends whose dogs get along with each other. Only invite dogs with good manners. Aggressive, jealous, or mean dogs should stay home.

2. Make some cute invitations and pass them out to your friends.
Be creative - draw and color your dog or write a poem.

On the day of the party:


1. If the party is in the yard, make sure the gate is closed and there are no holes in fence.
2. Also have shovels or bags ready to pick up messes when they happen.
3. Remove any delicate flower pots and check to make sure there are no toxic (poisonous) plants that could be eaten by any of the dogs.
4. Have enough balls and dog toys available for every dog at the party. You might even give one to each of your guests for a party favor.


1. Keep all food and candy up high on counters or tables.
2. Put any purses up high, not on the floor.
3. Keep all housecleaning items out of reach or locked in a cupboard.

During the party:
If any presents are opened, throw away all wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows right away where dogs can't reach them and eat them. They can be very dangerous if swallowed by your pets. Play some fun doggie games like relay races, hide and seek, and hide the treats. Make up some games of your own. Take pictures if you have a camera so you have a souvenir of all the fun!

Have a super party!

bonnie and a birthday cake


What to know what your dog might be wishing for on his birthday?
Read more here!


birthday cakeHappy Birthday!Birthday cake


 Here are some good books with great activities and some cool music
for birthday parties or anytime you want to have fun with your dog:

Totally Fun Things to Do With Your Dog

Totally Fun Things to Do With Your Dog (Play With Your Pet) by Maxine A. Rock, 1998
Here's a book that gives ideas and step-by-step instructions for dozens of fun and safe games and activities to do with your dog: from playing basketball, Frisbee, and hide and seek, to jumping through hoops, taking photographs, creating unusual dog houses, and throwing dog theme parties. Written for kids ages 9-12

A Dog's Best Friend

A Dog's Best Friend An Activity Book for Kids and Their Dogs, by Lisa Rosenthal, Chicago Review Press 1999
This book is for kids who want to learn how to have fun with their dog and do it with gentleness and respect. It's clear, well-written, and well-organized. Ages 9-12

Give a Dog a Bone

Give a Dog a Bone: Stories, Poems, Jokes, and Riddles about Dogs, By Joanna Cole, Stephanie Calmenson, Scholastic; Reprint edition (August 1, 1999)
Popular children's book authors Joanna Cole and Stephanie Calmenson bring together dog poems by Rudyard Kipling, Myra Cohn Livingston and others; a rebus story; canine facts and photos; jokes, riddles and stories.
Ages 7-10

More Riddle and Joke Books

Dogs Rule
Charlie Brown
Dogs Rule, by Daniel Kirk, Book and CD included. From an Amazon.com reader: My daughter, a true dog lover at age 6, has read and listened to this book over and over and over and... My husband and I now also know all the words. The book and music are original, funny and entertaining. Highly recommended.
Stories to Read to Your Dog
Charlie Brown
Three Stories You Can Read to Your Dog, by Sara Swan Miller,
Does your dog sleep a lot? Maybe he or she is bored. Why not try reading these three stories to your dog? Accompanied by lively illustrations, they are all about the things dogs understand best -- burglars, bones, and running free. Ages 4-8
Three More Stories to Read to Your Dog
Charlie Brown
Three More Stories You Can Read to Your Dog, by Sara Swan Miller,
Did you ever wonder why your dog sleeps so much? Perhaps your dog is bored. Maybe it's raining and your dog can't go outside. On days like this, you can always read a book. But most dogs can't read, even the smart ones. There is something really nice you can do for your dog, however. Read your dog the stories in this book -- and always remember to pet your dog while you read! Ages 4-8
Charlie Brown
WOOFFER : Stories You Can Read To Your Dog (And Other Children), by Betsy Fasig, This book is a compilation of thirty-three short adventure stories about a dog named Wooffer, the animals who share his world and how they all become friends of the truest kind. Although he is only a little dog, his brave heart and gentle spirit changes the lives of each of the animals in small ways that make a big difference to them all. Every animal, from the matriarch of the field mice, Old Agnes, Mother of Thousands, to Cho Lee Yen, the proud peacock, has had a better life because Wooffer is their good friend. These are their stories. (Note: Amazon does not indicate reading level. Age 9-12 is a guess on my part. JWall)

Dog Crafts (Kids Can Do It), by Linda Hendry and Frank Baldassarra, Kids Can Press; (April 2002)
Want your friends to howl with delight? Then surprise a pooch-loving pal or a canine companion with one of these creative crafts! All seventeen fun ideas, including a fuzzy puppy pillow and a doggie desktop organizer, use easy-to-find materials. With full-color photos, patterns and simple-to-follow directions, these unique projects will have your friends "hounding" you for more! Illustrated step-by-step instructions make it easy! Grades 4-6


The Cat and Dog-Lover's Idea Book, by Gail Green, Krause Publications; (August 2001)
With Gail Green’s newest book, cat and dog lovers will learn to create toys, collars, treats and wearables for their pets and unique items such as hats and jewelry for themselves! Easy to follow instructions cover a multitude of crafting techniques such as rubber stamping, counted cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, fabric appliqué, decorative painting, decoupage and basic sewing. The many patterns, templates and drawings included help crafters create dozens of lovely projects with ease. Most projects can be customized to fit a specific pet.


Pet Crafts: 28 Great Toys, Gifts, and Accessories for Your Favorite Dog or Cat, by Heidi Boyd, North Light Books; (January 2004)
This book offers fun projects for the whole family to celebrate and pamper their beloved family pets. Sure to delight both discerning canines and finicky felines, Pet Crafts features over 25 fun projects including toys, beds, costumes, picture frames and more! All projects use simple items easily found in crafts stores and are fun to make. There's a section for kids (notecards, cat and dog costumes and bracelets); and pet celebrations (birthday cards, Christmas ornaments).


Dog-Lover's Crafts Book of Crafts, by Jennifer Quasha, Griffin Trade Paperback; (December 7, 2001) From the back cover
Step-by-step directions take dog lovers and crafters through 50 easy-to-do projects starring your dog. No leashes or dog beds, this book shows you how to make high-end decorations for your dog-loving home. Using commonly found supplies that won't cost you a lot of money, Jennifer Quasha makes this book accessible to everyone. * Putting on the Pooch: dog tag earrings, dog-chase garden hat. Filled with "breedoids"--fun facts about your favorite breeds--and a three-bone difficulty rating system, this is the perfect gift for dog-loving crafters and craft-loving dog people.


Everything Dog, by Marty Crisp, 2003
From Publishers Weekly:
Organized by questions phrased the way a child might pose them, Everything Dog: What Kids Really Want to Know About Dogs by Marty Crisp answers a plethora of queries, from "Do dogs come from dinosaurs?" to "Do dogs cry?" (No, the author says, "They use body language [tail between legs, head down] or sounds [howls and whimpers]" to express grief). Great photographs of adorable pups and adult dogs emphasize the author's answers. Ages 8-11.

How Smart is Your Dog

How Smart is Your Dog?: 30 Fun Science Activities with Your Pet, by D. Caroline Coile; Sterling; (May 28, 2003)
Your dog will act "smarter" if you know more about how he "thinks." Enter the world of canine senses--how your dog sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches differently from you, and how a dog's life and aging process differ from yours. You even learn to read your dog's mind-brain function, intelligence, memory, and learning abilities--based on its biological origins. The most fun part is the experiments to test your dog's health, reflexes, vision, and scent; or even trace its behavior back to the wolves that are its ancestors. Grades K-5


How to Talk to Your Dog, by Jean Craighead George and Sue Truesdell, 2000
Dog talk is not merely whimpers, growls, sniffs, barks, and howls. According to award-winning author Jean Craighead George, it's in the tail ("the flag of feelings") and ear twists, too. In this irresistible picture book, you'll learn how to speak to your dog in his or her own language. Sue Truesdell's splendidly doggish illustrations interact with photos of Jean Craighead George herself--a woman who has been around dogs her whole life. Dog lovers of all ages will run in circles for this loving, funny celebration of the human-canine relationship. (Ages 7 to 107)

Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters From Obedience School, by Mark Teague, Scholastic; 1st ed edition (September 1, 2002)
From an Amazon.com customer: This is a really fun book. Children will delight in the contrasting artwork. Adults will appreciate the little details of each illustration. The sarcastic comments of the dog will be humorous to all who read this story. I bought the book for my 5 year-old nephew. While awaiting his birthday, I read it three times. For kids, age 4-8

Clifford's Peek-and-Seek Animal Riddles (Clifford the Big Red Dog (Board)), by Norman Bridwell
Young Clifford fans are invited to solve animal riddles by peeking through die-cut holes that are placed in scenes depicting Clifford, the small red puppy, playing in the park with his animal friends. Ages Baby-Preschool

More Riddle and Joke Books

Here's the music!

dog songs
Dog Songs, by various artists, Audio CD (January 1, 2000), Label: Mag Records
From an Amazon.com customer:This album is really cool! It's a ton of fun. The best song is "Everything Reminds me of my Dog." That's impossible not to love. The rest is wonderful, too. Recommended.
pet melodies
The World's Best Dog Music CD...Ever ~ Pet Melodies Music , Motzart, Vivaldi, others. Audio CD, July 2, 2004, Original Release Date: July 2, 2004, Number of Discs: 1, Label: Pet Melodies
From and Amazon.com customer: As a dog trainer I thought your product was great. I have weekly classes and currently use it for all my sessions. The dogs seem to be more relaxed and pick things up quicker.
doggone country songs
Doggone Country: Songs About Dogs, by various artists, country, Audio CD (November 1, 1994), Original Release Date: November 1, 1994, Number of Discs: 1, Label: Cmh Records
Check out the listening sample on Amazon.com's site! Just click on the buy button.
animal songs

Animal Songs, by Heaven's Sake Kids, Audio CD (February 24, 1998), Original Release Date: February 24, 1998, Number of Discs: 1, Label: Pamplin Music
From an Amazon.com customer: I bought this cd when my son was 1, now he is 4 and he has a 2 yr old sister... They both LOVE this cd. I do too! All the songs are so cute & we all just sing along. My son's favorite song is God made all the animals, mine is Belly of a whale. I would really recommend this cd. I'm getting all our friends children one for christmas. You can listen to an excerpt from most of the songs on Amazon's website. Click on the Buy button.

animal alphabet
Animal Alphabet Songs, by David S. Polansky, Audio CD (January 1, 1998), Original Release Date: January 1, 1998, Number of Discs: 1
Not your average animal songs and, definitely, not just for kids....26 songs whose styles range from Klezmer to Jazz to classical and offer an educational yet thoroughly entertaining look at everything from Alligator and Porcupine to Vicuna and Uakari. Outstanding Vocals, Instrumentals, and production. Winner of Artists' Foundation Fellowship award.
babys first animal songs
Baby's First: Animal Songs, by various artists, Audio CD (October 12, 1999), Label: St. Clair Records
From an Amazon.com customer: I am back at Amazon ordering 4 more copies of this CD for all homes and cars (including GrandMa's) Our 1 year old loves this. When the songs come on she sings, rocks, sits still and listens and yells if we try to talk over it! She's especially fond of Never Smile at a Crocodile and The Mouse in the Windmill. Everyone in the family knows all the words to these songs by heart and they are cute and catchy. We have lots of baby cd's around - this is her favorite - as well as her 10-year old brothers favorite! (He's forced to listen in the car and this one he likes)




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