Being Kind

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Being kind means feeling empathy and compassion for another. When we feel empathy, we know how to make our dogs feel good by feeding them when they're hungry, giving them water when they're thirsty, or leaving them alone when they're tired.


Being kind and spending time.

Here are some ways kids are being KIND to their dogs.

Wash my dog, brush her fur till it shines. Take her out
for a walk. When we come back, I play with her.
Ernestina, age 12, Singapore
I am going to play with my dog, give her lots of biscuits,
and train her. Vidushi, age 12, New Delhi, India
I'm giving my dog more love.
Joanne, age 9, Quebec Canada
I'm going to tell my friends about -
Be Kind To Animals Week !!! Tina, age 15, Slovenia
I am going to take care of Ginger who lives on my block.
I will play fetch with her and walk her lots. Rebecca, age 5, Texas USA



  I'm going say "I love you", and give her lots of extra attention. Ashley, age 11, North Dakota USA

I will play with my dog and train him. Rosie, age 8, Iowa USA
I am going to take my dog for a walk and play with him.
Breianna, age 11, Virginia USA
Marianella, age 12, Argentina
We bought a new flavor of dog food for our dogs.
Alex and Erika, ages 9 and 10, California, USA

I'm going to take my dog for a walk everyday by the
creek that he loves.Carol, Michigan USA

I am going to love my dog, Dixie, and her puppies,
Zorro, Meatloaf, Reble, Garth. Austin, age 13, Wyoming USA

I am going to love him extra special and give him favorite
foodsand take him to the dog groomers!!!!!

Give my dog a bath. Then take her for a walk. Finally,
relax at home. Misty, age 10, Oklahoma USA

I am going to be extra kind to my dog, Dusty. I will
take him for walks more often, and play with him more often.
Amanda, age 11, Michigan USA

 I'm loving my dog and not keeping him outside. Brandon, age 10, Ontario Canada

Boy with puppy.

Nothing else, just be with them and have much fun
with them. Pernilla, age 15, Trollhattan, Sweden
I'm Richard and I'm going to take good care of my dog.
A) Sit down and pet my dog. B) Brush my dog.
C) Play with it. D) Go for a walk. E) Teach him tricks.
F) Teach him new games. G) Bathe my dog. H) Clean my dog.
I) Give it a bone. J) When it is sick, bring him to a vet.
K) Brush it's teeth and clean it's ear. L) Give him a proper
place to sleep. M) When it is naughty do not beat him.
Brendan, age 9, Singapore
I am going to put up signs everywhere telling about
[Be Kind to Animals Week] and then have a be nice to
animals party!!!!!!!! Cassie, age 10, North Carolina, USA
Love my dog and turtle...Lacy, age 7, Texas USA



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