Being Gentle

 Are You Gentle? cute dog

A gentle person is careful never to hurt a dog. Gentle people learn to hold dogs so they feel safe and comfortable. Gentle people teach dogs with encouraging words and lots of hugs. Gentle people don't yell at their dogs, hit them, or handle them roughly.


Being gentle with a dog.

Here are some ways kids are being GENTLE with their dogs.

A) Sit down and pet my dog. B) Brush my dog. C) Bathe my dog.
D) Clean my dog. E) Brush it's teeth and clean it's ears.
F) When it is naughty, do not beat him. Brendan, age 9, Singapore

I will treat my dog just like a special, special, special princess!
Middeletown, Delaware USA


Ready for playtime!   I'm going to take my dog for LONG walks, brush her for a long time, say "I love you", and give her lots of extra attention. Ashley, age 11, North Dakota USA

I'm loving my dog and not keeping him outside.
Brandon, age 10, Ontario Canada
My dog is a boxer and I will be a little nicer to her.
Angela, age 16, New York USA

I am going to love my dog, Dixie, and her puppies, Zorro, Meatloaf,
Reble, Garth. Austin, age 13, Wyoming USA

I will be gentle with my dog, Bailey. I will play with him when I get home from school. Bailey is the BEST dog in the world! Kevin, age 7, New Hampshire USA

Wash my dog, brush her fur till it shines. Take her out for a walk. When
we come back, I play with her. Ernestina, age 12, Singapore

I am playing with my yellow lab puppy. Sierra, age 8, Ohio USA




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