Being Generous

 Are You Generous? cute dog

Generous people give time, money and love to others. They take time to walk their dogs, play with their dogs, and pet their dogs. Generous people will give up TV time to be with their dogs. Generous people will spend the money that is necessary to keep their dogs healthy and happy.


 Here are some ways kids are being GENEROUS with their dogs.

I'm going to buy my dog a new dog collar and paste
a poem on her kennel.
Ruv, age 14, Malaysia

My dog is a boxer and I will do everything she wants to do.
Angela, age 16, New York USA

I am going to play with my dog, give her lots of biscuits,
and train her. Vidushi, age 12, New Delhi, India

I am taking her out for a walk very often, playing with her,
and throwing frisbees. Jorn, age 6, Budapest, Hungary

 Two girls walking dogs.  We are going to ask our neighbors if we can walk their dog. He never gets to go on a walk. Laurel, age 11, Illinois USA

I will give people that help animals (like GreenPeace) so
they can save more animals!!
Amy, age 14, Vienna Austria

I will play with my dog and train him. Rosie, age 8, Iowa USA

I am going to take my dog for a walk and play with him.
Breianna, age 11, Virginia USA

I am going to make my dog dinner. He loves the way I make it!
Megan, age 10, New Jersey,USA

Marianella, age 12, Argentina


I'm going to take my dog for LONG walks, brush her
for a long time. Ashley, age 11, North Dakota USA
I am going to take care of Ginger who lives on my block.
I will play fetch with her and walk her lots. Rebecca, age 5, Texas USA

I'm going to do some projects with my class.
Ramneek, age 16, British Columbia Canada

I spend a lot more time with my dog. I play with her.
I brush her. Matt, age 10, Massachusettes USA


I will play with my dogs when I get home from school and take them for walks. I will feed them and give them a bath. At night I will give them a milk bone.This summer I will bring them camping with my family and let them swim in the water. Heather, age 10, New York USA

Boy and collies.

I'm going to take my dog for a walk everyday by the
creek that he loves.
Carol, Michigan USA

I am going to love him extra special and give him favorite
foods and take him to the dog groomers!!!!!

Give my dog a bath, then take her to get her all fixed up.
First I will have her nails painted, then I will have a beauty salon
fix her hair, cut it, put bows in her hair,etc... Then take her for a
walk for all the male dogs to see. Finally, relax at home.
Misty, age 10, Oklahoma USA

I will take him for walks more often, and play with him
more often. Amanda, age 11, Michigan USA


I am giving a report on care for your dog in my first grade
class. Sofie, age 7, Indiana USA

A) Sit down and pet my dog. B) Brush my dog. C) Play with it.
D) Go for a walk. E) Teach him tricks. F) Teach him new games.
G) Bathe my dog. H) Clean my dog. I) Give it a bone.
Brendan, age 9, Singapore

Just be with them and have much fun with them.
Pernilla, age 15, Trollhattan, Sweden

Work at a humane service. Katy, age 10, New Jersey USA




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