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Young girl laying next to her Beagle


Beagles are hound dogs. They were originally bred to hunt using their noses. They hunted using their noses more than their eyes. Beagles are sometimes referred to as scent hounds. The small Beagles hunted rabbits and the larger ones hunted deer. Beagles have a very strong sense of smell.

These days Beagles can do many different activities.
They make good hunters,
and they enjoy the sport of tracking.
They enjoy agility and they can be good therapy dogs.
They make very faithful companions.

Beagles come in two sizes.

Beagles come in two sizes. Some Beagles are 10-13 inches tall and weigh 18-20 pounds.

Other Beagles can be 13-15 inches tall and weigh 20-30 pounds.


These small to medium-size dogs have short, hard coats. Beagles will shed.

Beagles need to be bathed occasionally and brushed at least once every week, but it wouldn't hurt to brush more.

Beagle in a tub!


Beagles like to take it easy, too.Beagles have long ears that hang down almost to their noses.

Beagles are usually a combination of black, white, and/or tan. Other Beagles are a reddish and white color.

A Beagle's ears need to be checked often for infections and cleaned weekly.


Beagles are gentle and good-natured. A Beagle can be happy living out in the country or in an apartment in the city.


Beagles don't generally bark a lot. Some like to howl. They do it more if they are left alone too much. Beagles like to be with their family and if they get bored and lonely, they might howl. So it is a good idea to spend lots of time with your little friend.

Young Beagles need lots of exercise. As adults, they don't need as much exercise, but they do enjoy playing games and taking walks.


A Beagle is a very loving, social animal who wants to spend time with their family. Beagles don't always warm up to strangers right away, but after they get to know them, Beagles are very friendly and good-natured.

Kids and Their Beagles!


A famous Beagle you might have heard about is Snoopy the dog. He was a character from the Peanuts comic strip. Everyone loved the adorable Beagle named Snoopy that was in the newspaper since 1950.
Fido's Fabulous Dog Facts

Although Beagles are very friendly, they sometimes get a little possessive about their food. That means they might not want you nearby when they are eating. It's important to respect your dog and leave him alone to eat.

The Beagle Brigade

Some Beagles do an important job for us. They are trained to sniff out food with harmful insects and diseased meats that might be entering the country in luggage or on airplanes. They do this for the United States Department of Agriculture. Thanks, Beagles, for performing a very important job!


 All About Beagles

(from their kids!)

We love our Beagles!

"The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother —
and they'll settle for a puppy every time
." -
Winston Pendleton

My beagle is 5 years old, and she's a little fat, so
my daddy calls her fat girl. She loves to play in the
snow, and my mom calls her a snow princess. She's
always in my room sniffing for food that I wasn't
suppose to have. She gets crazy after outside potty,
and runs all around our house...she's my girl.

Connor, age 5, Wisconsin USA

Our Beagle's name is Cloe. She is 10 weeks old and she is
very playful but she likes to bite a lot. She is a very cute and
smart puppy and we love her very much.

Alexa & Amanda, age 9 & 6, Miami Lakes, USA

I love my Beagle, Sophie. She is the cutest dog ever!!
She is also a great pet to have because she never barks
and is very friendly. She is my best friend. She has a
brown, black, and white coat and she loves ham, chicken,
and pretzels.
Lindsay, age 13, USA

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My Beagle's name is Tabassco. He lives up to his
name & is a very saucy fellow . He's 4 months now
and sometimes very hyper . He can shake hands and beg.
Toby's tan , black and white. To me he's the cutest dog
on the planet.
Tanvi, age 10, Chennai, India

My Beagle's name is BJ, short for Bud Jr. which
was my last dog's name. He was a Beagle also. He
loves children and loves to sleep. He is soon to be two
years old in May. He can practically talk to my dad. BJ
listens real well but only knows to beg and catch. His
favorite food is Kibbles and Bits, and his favorite treats
are Beggin' strips. He has hunted since he was a puppy
and loves doing it! The only thing he hates is a bath.
Audrey, age 14, North Carolina USA

My Beagle's name is Sadie. She is 7 months old
and is always so hyper, she gets along with others
great. I got her from my friend for FREE!! She loves
snow and to chase the rabbits in our yard.

Jordan, age 13, Wyoming USA

My Beagle's name is Gus. He LOVES food! He will do
anything for it!!!! We got him all the way from Texas!
He is really lovable and likes to sleep on the coach with
Samantha, age 13, Wisconsin

My Beagle is 1 year old. Her name is Shilo. She knows
how to do lots of tricks like bag, roll over, sit, fetch. She
is so cute. But I can't talk about her anymore because
she got hit by a car yesterday. I miss her so much.
Buh Bye.
Samantha, age 13, Ontario,Canada

My dog, Clifford, is a Beagle. In the morning he will run
from his bed up to my parent's bed and try to go under all the
covers. He finally gets under and snuggles himself in. We call it
"burrowing". During the afternoon everyone will be at school and
work so Cliff stays in his chair. Yes, that's right, my dog has his
own chair. In our living room he inherited one of our old green
chairs. We put blankets in it and he sleeps all day in his chair.
When it's time to go to bed,Clifford climbs into bed after his walk
and somebody must tuck him in with the blankets on his bed. If
you don't tuck him, then he goes to sleep with my mom and dad
and my dad doesn't really like that. Rebecca, age 10, California USA

My Beagle's name is Brando. He is a very loving dog.
He loves taking baths and going for walks. And he LOVES
eating. I love him so much. He is 6 years old.

Tania, age 18, Ontario, Canada

My beagle's name is Cleo and she is 6 months old.
I think that she is very cute and cuddly. She gets very
hyper after her bath! It takes us forever to catch her,
but some days she's just darn lazy! She is very, very
fun to play with. I love my dog very much! She can
sometimes be a little trouble maker when she bothers
me when I am sleepy.
Timothy, age 8, Pennsylvania USA

My beagle's name is Daisy. She is only 6 months old.
She still needs more training but she is so cute and I
love her all the same.
Meghan, age 14, Maryland USA

My 2 Beagles are pretty cute, but they bite pretty
hard. Their names are Riley And Bandit. They are only
9 weeks old. I love them both.
Anonymous, age 15, Canada

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My Beagle's name is Bailey. She is 4 years old. She
is a wonderful pet to have around and she is always by
my side when it comes to food.
Emma, age 14, Michigan USA

My Beagle's name is Marley. She is almost 2 years
old, and is the smartest dog I've ever seen. She
can do high fives, shake-a-paw, roll over, play dead,
lie down, speak (howl is more like it!) and turn around
in circles on command! She goes absolutely insane
when she hears the word "rabbit"!

Ally, age 16, Winnipeg, Canada

She is very cute. She loves to play a lot.
She does like to sleep a lot, too. At night
she loves to sleep on my bed. She is friendly
to everyone and loves everyone.
Annie, age 14, Indiana USA

My dear Beagle is 6 yrs old. He likes to play
games with me. He's a cute boy! He always
shows cute faces and makes funny sounds when
I'm eating chocolates. I love him a lot as my family
member. That's all folks. Vani, age 18, Singapore

My beagle is very cute. She is also very jumpy.
Her name is Hootch. She is 3 months old.

Ladoska, age 11, USA

I just adopted two cute Beagle puppies.
They are about eight weeks old. The two sisters
are wonderful together. They are a joy to have!
Vanna, age 18, Tennessee USA

I have a Beagle named Mike. He loves to play
hide and seek. His favorite foods are chicken and
cheese. He is tan and white. He is my best friend.
Lance, age 15, Michigan USA

My dog's name is MARLEY! She's 2 years old
and is scared of the pink elephant watering can
we have to water the flowers!! She can speak,
roll over, shake a paw, do 2 kinds of dances,
catch frisbees, jump at a record of 4 feet, and
even through a hula hoop! She can also do a
high five and beg. I have a SUPER BEAGLE! And
she's only 2 people years old!
Aly, age 16, Canada

My Beagle is 5 years old, and she is the cutest
dog on the planet!
Billy, age 13, Georgia USA

My dog is a 8 weeks and 2 days old. He is a Beagle.
He is beautiful.
Amanda, age 14, North Carolina USA

There are many Beagles around the country without homes. Have your parents call a Beagle rescue to adopt a warm, loving Beagle just waiting for a home. You'll be doing a good thing.

Check here for a rescue organization in your city.

Beagles like to hang out together.



 What do you get if you cross a Beagle with a giraffe? 

A dog that barks at airplanes!

from Rachel, age 5, Ontario Canada


A friendly Beagle.

Do you want to know more about Beagles? Click on the link below. When you're finished, just close the window and you'll be right back here!

The National Beagle Club of America


Beagle Movies!

Would you like to see some adorable QuickTime movies of a Beagle named LeeLou? Click on the camera!
LeeLou's Movies


Some Famous Beagles
Snoopy, star of the Peanuts comic strip.
Him, Her, and Edgar , U.S. President Lyndon Johnson's Beagles
Smeargle, from Pokemon
Porthos, from the movie Star Trek: Enterprise
Shiloh, from Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's book trilogy
Gromit, Wallace's dog in Wallace & Gromit
Toby, in the movie, Used Cars
Brian, the TV cartoon series, The Family Guy
Bagel and Biscuit , singer Barry Manilow's dogs



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Here are some good books and DVDs about Beagles or: Visit our Beagle Shop :



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