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s The Canadian Kennel Club Web Award
(December 1998)


Pet Talk America 
Pet Talk America with Bob Vella 2001


Dog Site of the Year for 1998!



ABC's of Parenting 4 stars


Talking Hands Award
This is to reward website authors, who through their creative
excellence provide a web site which teaches,
contains teaching elements in sufficient
detail, and otherwise leave a visitor with
something of significant value after returning
to their normal daily activities.


Cool Site of the Day
July 16, 2004




Netscape's Open Directory


The Straight Poop 


Study Web Award


Top Dog Web Award


Youth Online Award


Kids and Dogs Page


Study Web Award


 Apple Pick Children Award

The Apple Pick Award Jill's Early Childhood Pages for the Best
Early Childhood Websites
on the Internet



CyberTeddy Award - Top 500 Sites


Guardian Angel Award


Senior Canine Rescue Society


Barking Buddies Award



Top 100 Websearch award



 Mass. Kids' Club

Massachusettes Kid's Club
How To Love Your Dog:
The Best Dog Site Made!!!


Family Friendly Site Award


Star Paws Award


Tail Wagging Site Award


Geocities Featured Page


Penny and Cookie's  Website Award


Critical Mass Award


Dotters Award


Safe Surf Award


KC Woofs Award


Inkabijou Award


The Zekers Award


 Kathleen's Dog Page Award

 Trevi's Award for Excellent Webdesign


Weston's Pick of the Litter Award



Hydrant Award





Acme Pet


Rested Dog Inn's Pooped Puppy Award!


Katie's Kindness Award


Shooter's Best Shot Cool Site Award.


Kaitlyn's Room 

 Two Paws Up Award


Geoffrey's Award



Hugaroty Award


Trevina's Dog Lover Award





Kayla & Kody's Best Site Award


 Heartland Pet Award

 Critique and Review award


Santana's Award


Kizmet Lhasa Apsos


Effie's Award


Home Rescue Award


Mokka's Gold Award



Adam's World


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