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Yorkshire puppy


I Have My Dog...
Now What?

Dogs need many things. Most of all, a dog needs a kind, gentle, and generous person who is responsible for its care. Are you this kind of person? It's never too late to become a good dog owner. Ask yourself the questions in the box and write the answers.

I have my new dog!
Am I responsible?
Am I kind and generous?
Am I gentle with people and animals?
Do I have extra time to spend with a dog?

Now, answer these questions on a piece of paper. Don't just write yes or no. Write down examples of things you have done. The questions below will help you.

dog with pen Write down 3 times that you have demonstrated responsibility in the past week and explain them. Click here for What is Responsibility?
 dog with pen Write about 3 times that you have been kind and generous to people.
 dog with pen Write about a time when you were gentle with an animal.
 dog with pen Figure out how much extra time you have to share with a dog everyday.
A girl and her new dog.
Think about what you have written.
Are you a good dog owner?


dog cartoon
The ten most popular dogs (AKC, 2006) are in order: Labrador Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Dachshund, Boxer, Poodle, Shih Tzu, and Miniature Schnauzer

Fido's Fabulous Dog Facts


Will you promise to be a responsible dog owner? You can make that promise by signing the "I Love My Dog Contract". Click below.

If you go there now, don't forget to come back!


Being a good dog owner means being humane. Do you know what this word means?

When you are acting humane, you are being kind and gentle with your dog. It means that you are generous with your pet, too. Want to know more? Click on the click .

A good dog owner and her American Eskimo dog.

 Check out these links for beginning obedience:
Before You Begin
Your Puppy's First Day
Housebreaking Your Dog
Your Puppy's First Year
Socializing Your Dog.

It's important to start out on the right track with your dog or puppy.

You can begin teaching your dog good manners, tricks, and basic obedience.


If you still need a name for your dog,
click on the click for some great ideas!


 These are great books that would be helpful for you and your puppy:


ASPCA Pet Care Guides for Kids: Puppy, by Mark Evans, Dorling Kindersley 1992

Puppy is designed to help young animal owners learn about and care for their pets. Illustrated on every page with full-color photography, Puppy is packed with practical information on every aspect of canine care. Published in association with the ASPCA, this book engages and informs readers ages 7 and up.

Puppy Training

Puppy Training for Kids, by Sarah Whitehead, Barrons Juveniles 2001
This book has easy-to-understand instructions for children on puppy training and care. With an emphasis on fun. Learn what to feed puppies and how much to give them, and how to play games that are safe and enjoyable. They also learn basics of puppy handling, grooming, giving commands, teaching obedience, tricks, and much more. There are great full-color photos throughout the book. For ages 9-12, or 4-8 with parents' guidance. Excellent Book!

Kids Training Puppies

Kids Training Puppies in Five Minutes, by JoAnn Dahan, Cork Hill Press; (February 5, 2004)
From an Amazon.com reader: My name is Christi, I am 7 years old. I just got a new lab puppy from my Mom and Dad her name is Ginny. Before I could have Ginny I had to promised I would care for her and train her. This book is so great, it is very easy to read and the pictures of the lab puppies and kids are so cute. I taught Ginny to sit and lie down really fast. I think every kid with a puppy should have this book. Ages 5-8

Your Puppy Your Dog

Your Puppy, Your Dog, by Pat Storer, Storey Publishing; 1997
From the Back Cover
What a dog needs most is love -- and loving a dog means providing everything it needs to be happy and healthy. With easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of illustrations, this book tells you just how to care for and understand your dog. Ages 9-12
* How to select the puppy or dog that is best for you
* What and how to feed your dog
* How to train and exercise your dog
* How to play with your dog or puppy
* How to keep your dog in the best of health
* Where and how to show your dog
* How to make items...


Dog cartoon

The five most common dog names:
Male: Max, Jake, Buddy, Bailey, Sam
Female: Maggie, Molly, Lady, Sadie, Lucy



A lot to remember? Try this!

Tip of the Day!


A New Dog
Planning for Your New Dog
Ready for a New Dog?
What is Responsibility?
Choosing a Dog

Allergies to Dogs

Where to Get a Dog
Shopping List
Puppy's First Day
Naming Your Dog
What About the Cat?
Lesson of the Day



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