Meet Bailey
Rough Collie Bailey

This is Bailey, a very cute and silly dog. He is a sable and white collie. He is very affectionate and smart. He enjoys playing with soft toys made out of cloth or imitation sheepskin. He likes them even better if they talk or make a noise.

Bailey is a Canine Good Citizen because he has passed the special test sponsored by the American Kennel Club. This means he knows how to behave when he goes out in public.

Bailey was adopted when he was nine months old. When he was a puppy, he lived with lots of other dogs who went to dog shows.

Bailey's first owner did a good job of socializing him. She took him to lots of places and let him meet other people and other friendly dogs.

 Bailey, the collie, at the beach


Bailey hanging out.
This is Bailey's favorite couch. He likes to lay on it at night and watch TV. Bailey would rather not be outside when his family is inside. He likes to hang out wherever the family is.


One of Bailey's favorite activities is being a therapy dog and visiting kids at a hospital. The children he visits are very sick and he helps them feel better. The kids look forward to seeing Bailey every week.

Bailey as a therapy dog. 


Dogs like to watch for strangers.
Bailey is a good watchdog. He knows whenever there is someone at the door. He also barks when neighborhood dogs walk past his house. Sometimes he barks when leaves blow past the window.


Bailey's most favorite thing is to learn tricks. He learns them very fast. Bailey is the star of many of our How to Love Your Dog trick videos!

Go to the Tricks page and if you want to see Bailey's videos,
just click on the video cameras .
You'll also see some of Bonnie's movies.

You can also see his videos on the Movies page.


When Bailey is not hanging out on his couch, he enjoys learning new things. He has taken 6 obedience classes, not because he failed them, but because he likes them and he learns something new every time. Some of the classes he has taken are: Beginning Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Advanced Obedience, Tricks, and Freestyle (dog dancing). Bailey loves to go to school! Bailey keeps warm.


Every dog has his day and Bailey had his on June 24, 2005!
Click here to see Bailey being honored at Dog of the Day!
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